Stephanie Arnold & Tricia Barker – Two Veridical Near-Death Experiences, 2017 IANDS Conference


In a veridical NDE, an experiencer reports having perceived things that are later verified as accurate. These cases are especially compelling when the person perceived something that they could not have perceived physically, considering the position and/or condition of their physical body, when what they perceived was something they did not anticipate or actually contradicted their expectations; and when their perception was verified by a credible third party. This panel will begin with a brief summary of the 2016 book The Self Does Not Die, which contains over 100 cases of NDEs with veridical perception verified by credible third parties, mostly physicians. Then two NDErs whose cases did not appear in the book will describe their NDEs and aftereffects with particular emphasis on veridical aspects of their experiences. Among the aftereffects they will discuss are they knowledge that humans are worthwhile, divine, and loved more than we could ever imagine, a sense of enhanced connectedness to all of nature, and the ability to use knowledge and light from the angels and God to guide acts of service and even a career of service. They will conclude with ways that audience members can more frequently use messages from angels and God to help heal and to participate in the healing of others.