Informed, constructive criticism plays an important corrective role in enabling scientific progress. Just as a government in office needs a discerning opposition to call it to task to ensure good governance, so parapsychology needs a strong and capable counter-advocate movement to ensure that its methods are robust and its findings valid and meaningful. Parapsychological research has certainly received more than its fair share of criticism, though unusually this mainly comes from ‘armchair critics’ who don’t conduct their own research.

In this talk I’ll reflect on modern-day criticism to explore whether it is fit for purpose; to what extent are the criticisms justified and require a response from researchers in terms of modifying research designs or tempering claims, and to what extent are they rhetorical devices that seem persuasive but lack substance when scrutinised more closely.
18th January, 2021 8:00 PM through  9:30 PM
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