This is an era of science when there is a remarkable mismatch between the amount of data on hand and the lack of related concepts and ideas in the mind. In such a period of time, this review article is penned down based on the career-long experience of the author on the observable behavior of the biological cell system in normal and pathological states. The article points out an emerging direction opposite to the present trend in cell science studded with machine metaphor, AI, and synthetic life. Observation of humanities and spirit (consciousness) in cell science resurrects the reality of a cell as an embodiment of life. Molecules, although, form the basis of behavior, the cell operates with non-observable human faculties such as information, mind, self, and ‘life’, and the operational attributes of consciousness such as will, cognition, and emotion/feelings. Hints to the solutions to several complex big issues that humanity has been facing such as violence, free will, dark energy, and the parallel universe, could be obtained from the intelligent behavior of a cell. The protoplasm of a cell, psychoplasm of the psyche, and ‘plasm’ of multiple universe(s) are brought into focus and suggested to operate in continuity.