Since 1985, Prof. A. K. Mukhopadhyay has been engaged in developing a science for consciousness with a Worldview, which accommodates simultaneously Science, Humanity and Spirit in an unbroken wholeness (The Akhanda Worldview). He is the disciple of India’s neo-Vedantin Guru, Akhandamandaleswar Sri Sri Swami Swarupananda Paramahansa Dev, with whom he had worldly association for 20 years during his adolescence and early youth.
Born in 1953, Mukho is MBBS from the University of Calcutta (1977) and MD (1981) from India’s premier Medical Institute (AIIMS) at New Delhi where he served for 40 years on various capacities and last 12 years as Head of the Department of Laboratory Medicine, the department which, in addition to service like 10 million investigations per annum for patient care system of AIIMS hospital, runs MD and Ph.D. courses as service to students, and publishes qualitative research papers as service to science. Bangladesh as a Nation has emulated this AIIMS Model of Laboratory Medicine, developed by AIIMS–Mukhopadhyay leadership.

Mukhopadhyay-AIIMS knowledge leadership has given birth to a new science for consciousness, where consciousness is considered the most fundamental (and not neurogenic), having its own ontological, axiological, phenomenological and epistemological attributes that gel well with the complexity of systems cosmology (multiple universe and the systems of The Multiversity), systems psychology, systems neuroscience, systems biology and systems physics. Beginning his journey with  “supracortical consciousness” (1985), he authored The Dynamic web of Supracortical Consciousness (1987), Conquering the Brain (1995) and The Millennium Bridge (2000). He wrote extensively in Philosophical Volumes of Indian Council of Philosophical Research. He develops a Pentaune Model of Nature-consciousness,  Geometry of Information, Information Holography, a model of Systems Psyche with defined structure, interconnected operations and molecular links, the Ladder of Cognition, the Canvas of Cognition, the Layers between neuroscience and consciousness and the Milestones on the path from God particle to Consciousness, all of which has far reaching translational implications in harnessing of information-based energy, AI, AL, synthetic biology, psycho-somatic and personalized medicine. Mukho loves to wander across the landscape of human possibilities; on the tendencies of Homo sapiens to become Homo spirtualis. His latest published papers could be viewed in