The concept of a universal medium pervading everything, the aether, has been long ago rejected by mainstream science as a speculative one, especially after the famous Michelson-Morley experiment that failed to confirm the reality of a luminiferous essence invoked for the propagation of E.M. waves. Nevertheless, the concept has been re-established as a serious, experimentally proven one, by the work of Nicola Tesla, the genial physicist widely recognized in modern academic circles. His achievements are quite unparalleled in experimental physics, and recently recalled to public attention by Serbian researcher Goran Marjanovic – whose papers have been published in various academic editorial outputs of high credibility.

In this paper, we draw a meaningful link between a couple of strongly coherent and mutually supportive conceptual tenets regarding the aether’s physics and cosmology – the one worked out by Nicola Tesla and reactualized in our memory by Dr. Goran Marjanovic, and the one that constitutes a pivotal background of the sub-quantum sentience tenets as worked out by Klein & Boyd in more than a decade of exploration done in these fields of uttermost scientific importance.

After reviewing some of G. Marjanovic’s well documented tenets inspired from Nicola Tesla’s genial findings, here we intend to add a few strongly supportive ones regarding the validity of some fundamental principles about the aether, from our own perspective (Klein & Boyd). Our argumentation in this paper is fully inspired from  Dr. R. N. Boyd’s loudly applauded lecture at the Physics beyond relativity” conference, Prague 2019 (we uploaded this event in our “Conferences & Symposium” section to our platform.