Professor Peter Wadhams is the professor of ocean physics at the University of Cambridge and is renowned for his 40 years of work examining how changes in the Arctic and Antarctic are impacting the world’s climate. Professor Wadhams also has in-depth knowledge about past pioneers who conducted extraordinary experiments in the area of survival of consciousness.
Donna Smith-Moncrieffe, host, researcher, and author  along with Professor Wadhams explored the topic of pioneers and their early experiments in parapsychology and metaphysics. In this discussion, it is clear that there appeared to be suppression and a lack of promotion of extraordinary experiments conducted by Sir William Crookes and Sir Oliver Lodge. These important experiments demonstrated a relationship between scientific facts and the spiritual dimensions. Smith-Moncrieffe and Wadhams go further and also discuss the rich history of  more contemporary scientists who conducted covert experiments in the area of  consciousness while maintaining careers in criminology, philosophy, psychology, physics and other mainstream studies. It is clear that those who wanted to pursue parapsychology or consciousness studies in the university would be faced with potential ridicule, limited funding, an unstructured curricula, and lack of incentives.
Professor Peter Wadhams also shares some of his personal precognitive experiences and sheds light on how experiential knowledge can complement systematic research.
Will the children of the future have an opportunity to study areas of consciousness at both the undergraduate and graduate levels? Will they be able to receive recognition, funding and incentive to further explore near death experiences, various forms of mediumship, past life regression, energy healing, and other research that will unlock the mysteries of consciousness?
Most mainstream sciences neglect to integrate the factor of consciousness in their theoretical frameworks and mathematical equations, yet there have been a number of credible scientists who have witnessed the materialization of discarnates—an event that provides the strongest evidence of survival of consciousness.
Many of you are still trying to make sense of the true nature of reality.  You are bombarded by debunkers and unreasonable skeptics. In this podcast, learn the truth about the rich history of academics who have pursued the truth by conducting groundbreaking experiments in parapsychology.