Part I can be found here.

Part II can be found here.

Part III: Psychism, the Deed, and Beyond


This Part Three, earlier notified as Part Four, outlines a new concept of panpsychism based on holomatter, with a view to unlock the mind-body problem and to clarify the nature and origin of qualia. I hope to bolster the idea that a nonmaterialist, yet scientifically sound, theory of brain consciousness is possible. My approach is tentative and should be read with a “what if” mindset—what if matter were holomatter? I’ll then freely speculate on the issue of transcendence, as glimpsed through the lens of in-causation. Next, I’ll contend that science provides some intriguing clues that our life-bearing universe may have meaning and purpose. Finally, I shall ponder how Gödelian incompleteness and in-causation may relate. The neologisms I use to avoid ambiguities and confusions are defined in the glossary. Those which are not have already been defined, either in Part One or in Part Two. As for my footnotes, they seldom make essential reading and can easily be skipped.