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Quantum social learning (QSL) is a powerful process to empower communication and shared understanding.

From a young age, adverse events can disrupt our ability to fully experience and process different events. This can lead to the suppression and repression of energy information, causing us to develop reactive patterns that result in emotional responses, isolation, misbehaviour, and miscommunication. What’s more, mentioned disintegration of energy-information manifests as the disintegration of our inner world from how we experience the systems outside and around us.

This division between the internal and external, causes an inability to effectively map energy-information, which influences our conversations towards miscommunication, conflict, stress, and unbalance. Present events that remind us of our unresolved past, often trigger unconscious reactions, which can exacerbate this division, rendering a sense of isolation. IOLEE is a linguistic skill that helps individuals map and reintegrate energy information.

IOLEE’s linguistic skill facilitates mapping our thinking about the unresolved past, the imagined future, the physical sensations that accompany our emotions, and what information we pull in from the systems around us. This effectively enables individuals to be present in both their felt sense and the world around them. It renders access to an internal conscious global reference that through its “omnipresence” reveals the continuum between the internal and external.

Quantum social learning is the action learning process, using IOLEE, to integrate our experiences, and communicate with clarity, transparency and empathy, transforming our ability to use language, communicate, share intelligence, learn, collaborate, and positively impact the world around us.

Carlo Giovanni Monsanto was born in Amsterdam, in The Netherlands to a multi-ethnic family. I have travelled to different continents and countries from the age of three. I consider myself privileged because, throughout my life, I have felt inspired to cultivate deep transformative change in myself and others. At the turn of the millennium, I went through a defining period in my life wherein I systematized, what would later be called, QSL and IOLEE. This work presents pioneering know-how and draws from diverse bodies of knowledge and practices to reveal how our inner world and how we experience the world around us, and a single continuum. I consider myself a polymath and hold an M.S. in Psychology and a B.A. in Health Science. I am currently the founder and director of IoLee Ecosystem and a Research Scholar at Ronin Institute. I have facilitated QSL’s action learning processes worldwide and guided studies for its validation. Connect with me if you wish to know more about my pioneering work.