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My thesis in a nutshell: Try it all the other way around.


Preamble to all my writings: This present moment of historical grace.

1. Where are we in our history?

We are in the very greatest moment of the whole of our history, Springtime. The human race is leaving behind out long dark and often lonely Winter of fear and separation, to move fully and deeply into our Springtime of Love and Connectedness.


And so, I begin with Joe Biden. With the election of Biden, something completely new is taking place in our history. Because Biden is in the Love orientation, and the people he has around him are also in the Love orientation.


Obama was also in the Love orientation, but he was blocked. Biden is not blocked, and neither are the people with him. And they are all highly experienced in knowing how to do things.


Biden knows what needs to happen here, and what he is doing to do about it.


And a few days after his inauguration, a dark energy left the planet, and the whole Earth shifted into the Love orientation.
Those who are sensitive to energy could feel the shit. And what enabled it to take place has been an unprecedent uprising of the Love orientation, gone underground for the past four years. The Reality on the planet at this point is the Love Orientation.

2. Now, that being said: We are in a unique moment in our history, unlike any other.

We are in deep trouble with the Earth. All across the planet coral reefs are disintegrating, fisheries collapsing, forests disappearing, sea waters warming and rising, millions of species hounded into extinction. And everywhere, the soil the air the water poisoned.


And now, people everywhere on the move. Fleeing drought famine disease and war.


And the whole sale destruction of the Earth owes to a single cause: Human arrogance and human ignorance.


We have caused a crisis for the planet so great we can hardly begin to get our minds around it. And now, we are in a moment of truth that is absolute.


Virtually every human economy is based on the destruction of the Earth and we are now in a place in our history where we can foresee, if we continue on as we are, our own extinction.


The human race has never gotten the Earth right, and now we must. For the Earth is the true foundation for civilization itself. We must get the Earth right, get ourselves right with the Earth, and with one another.

3. Human beings go by ideas. Deeply embedded in the crisis we are now in, are ideas, ideas about the Earth, about ourselves and are connections or lack of them with the Earth, ideas about what we are all here for.

And a great many of the ideas that shaped our history, and brought us to this crisis point, are now up for us.

4. We come out of a history, and a civilization, based on contempt for the Earth, women, the Indigenous People, People of Color. And the Feminine.

We have never gotten the Earth right because the great thinkers never got the Earth right. And when you get the Earth wrong, you get many other ideas wrong as well.


We come out of a long tradition of taking ourselves to be “the lords and masters of the planet, the Earth must do as we say.”


And this present moment is a lesson in humility about ourselves, and the truth of the Earth. That we are completely and totally dependent on the health and wellbeing of the Earth, as our very life support system, here in the darkness of space.


And so, I take the crisis we are in with the planet as a call to radically rethink ourselves at all levels and depths.

And so now, the appearance of the virus, a wakeup call from the Earth, because it is the perfect expression of our total malpractice towards the Earth. And with the pandemic, the United Nations is calling for “a new attitude toward nature.”


I work with ideas. If there is a single idea that is enabling and driving the destruction of the Earth, it is a deeply buried assumption that the Earth is something devoid of mind, or Consciousness. This conviction owes most recently, 300 years ago, to Descartes.


Descartes divided the whole of the Universe into two principles: Mind and Matter. God was pure mind, human beings are composites of mind and matter, but the Earth is simply matter.


And matter? Simply the weighable the measurable the extended in space and time utterly devoid of any inner life of feeling thought or emotion.


This concept of matter, that only human beings have Consciousness is deeply embedded in modern science, and the modern world. But it goes back to the very dawn of thought, because both Plato and Aristotle that the Earth was something devoid of reason, or mind. And now, this entire tradition is up for us, that we can rethink ourselves.


The gift of the virus is that it has brought the whole of the world’s economy and capitalism itself, to a virtual standstill, in order that we may rethink ourselves from the ground up.

5. The deepest question for everyone is simply “how can we have made such a mess of things.”

The answer is very simple: At the dawn of recent history when the men took over, they edited the women out of the discussion. Women, women’s unique perspective, so bound up with the giving of life, the caring and nurturing of all life, in all of its many forms, put down rejected and dismissed, like Einstein’s thesis in physics as “fanciful and irrelevant.”


And now, after a long eclipse, and defying all of the odds, the women are here, up out of the shades and shadows of history, into the light of this historical day.


Women have long been identified with the Earth, and shared her fate, both to be trampled underfoot as men have seen fit to do. When men edited women out of the discussion, they edited the feminine principle out of history.


Women became the property of men, to be told their place their nature by men, and what they could and could not do.


We come out of centuries of male domination, run and ruled by the masculine principle out of all balance or relationship to the feminine.


The prophet Nostradamus saw this moment in history as the greatest moment in history because of the Advent of Women: Long ago the brothers put their sisters down and have since walked with such a heavy tread that now almost nothing is left. And he foresaw the presence of women as the only hope to ending what he calls “the barbarian empire of the patriarchies.”
And now, in this moment of truth, “sow the wind reap the whirlwind,” the women are here, and we will make the difference.


We will make the difference, because our principle is different from the principle that has dominated the world for so long. The masculine principle is all about: Conqueror and subdue, fear lies and control, death and destruction everywhere.


This is not a woman’s principle. We are about accepting and affirming nurturing and caring, Earth honoring and Earth sensitive, the Love orientation. And so, another unique pivotal moment in our history. The Piscean Age of great male thinkers together with centuries of male domination before it, has run its course, it has brought us to the brink of our own extinction, and it needs to change.


We need new ideas, and we need them now.


After Einstein’s thesis in physics was rejected, he went on to revolutionize physics itself. And women will revolutionize our sick and diseased civilization in the service of Life.

6. These are the times of the Reappearance of the Feminine in history.

And the hope for us is that the whole male impulse is changing. Men can now evolve their own feminine sides, and we can move into an era of cooperation instead of competition, of partnership not ownership, of “we are stronger together” instead of me me me, I alone can do it, I alone can win.


The Piscean Age has run its course it is over with, and now, the Aquarian Age is to be about the feminine, and we are in it.


Biden represents this new male impulse, he is a man of heart, who can identify with the sufferings of others, of the planet herself. He is surrounding himself with gifted women, many women of color, and a whole new paradigm.


He recognizes the truth of global warming, climate change. And as I write, he has initiated a summit on global warming, and going green. Reducing carbon emissions everywhere. His proposal is criticized by many, as too costly, but what is really important, is that all the major leaders in the world, including both China and Russia, are signing on. That leaders at high levels are now talking to one another again, after years of confusion and lack of leadership everywhere.


The whole world has heaved a great sigh of relief that once again America is in the picture, and that an American President is now saying: I am here for you.


The greatness of this moment in history is breathtaking given the new ideas now emerging everywhere. And the truth of democracy as “of the people by the people and for the people.”

7. And so, I write about Consciousness.
Consciousness is the idea whose time has come.

And opens the way to a radically new metaphysics based on the truth of the Earth, as a continuum of many forms of Consciousness, of which our own is one.


And so, I return to Descartes. Ever since Descartes formulated dualism, scientists and philosophers have been trying to get rid of it. They have done this by making matter their most basic and fundamental term for the Universe and trying to explain Consciousness in terms of matter.


This has not worked. My own proposal in a nutshell: Try it all the other way around.


Lovejoy’s book The Revolt Against Dualism, concludes that the revolt against dualism has failed, at least on the materialist paradigm.


We are in the position of Copernicus. Copernicus as making his calculations on the assumption that the Earth was the center of the Universe, until his calculations became so complicated that he decided to try it all the other way around. He put the sun at the center of the Universe, and lo, all his data fell neatly into place.


The state of the modern world can be seen as the conclusion of a long argument across the ages that began with false premises. Consciousness has now appeared as a term and a problem in modern science.


Most scientists believe it can be accommodated and explained by the materialist principle, but I say that it cannot, that it points completely beyond present-day science to a new view of the Universe and the Earth, where Consciousness and not matter is the fundamental term.


And finally, after centuries dominated by false theories of matter, the Earth, women, and the feminine, Consciousness is the right term and the true fundamental principle.


And I go on in all of my writings to work out this new principle, Consciousness, and what it really means for four great aspects of the Real: For the Earth, the Universe, Ourselves, and Spirit.


And so, where are we now in our history? History is on our side; we are in a day of signing hope for us.


And so, stay tuned!


Consciousness, This New Principle
And with It A New Copernican Revolution




Consciousness has appeared as a term, and a problem, in modern science. Most scientists believe that it can be accommodated, and explained, by existing scientific principles. But I say that it cannot, that Consciousness points completely beyond present-day science to a whole new view of the Universe, where Consciousness, and not matter, or matter/energy, is the true basis for the Universe, and the right fundamental term, for science, all other disciplines as well, and for civilization itself.


And this new term Consciousness, opens directly into the basic term of all religions, Spirit, as simply Infinite Consciousness. And so, for the first time in their long and bitter and antagonistic history, science and religion now share a common base.


And I go on, in all of my works, to spell out the meaning of this new term Consciousness, for the Universe, the Earth, Ourselves, and Spirit.


And so, stay tuned!




Consciousness has appeared as term, and a problem, in modern science. Most scientists believe that it can be accommodated, and explained, by existing scientific principles. But I say it cannot, as many others will also say. That it points completely beyond present-day science, to a new view of the Universe, where Consciousness, and not matter, or matter/energy, is the true basis of the Universe, and the organizing principle, for science, all disciplines, and civilization itself.


In a nutshell, the “hard problem of Consciousness,” the mind/ body problem, the near-death experience, and a host of other problems as well, are so hard, that they cannot be solved by any present-day scientific principles, and therefore call all scientific principles into question. When your axioms cannot explain the data, it is time to drop them, and find new and better first principles. Consciousness is to modern science, exactly what light was for classical physics: All of our basic assumptions about reality have to change.


I propose to re-conceptualize the relationships between Consciousness and matter, starting with our concepts of matter, so very many centuries in the making, and with it, our concept of Consciousness. And then, with Consciousness, re-conceptualize the Earth, and the scientific image of nature. I am, in effect, proposing a new Copernican revolution among our most basic terms. But we are a scientific Age, to make a new Copernican revolution in science is to make such a revolution everywhere.


And so, I go on to spell out what it means. For the Universe, Consciousness throughout; for the Earth, living conscious spiritual beings like Ourselves; for Ourselves, immortal eternal spiritual beings, who reincarnate, on the Earth for a series of earthly lifetimes, and for Spirit, for who what and where Spirit is. And with them, a new metaphysical base for civilization itself, bringing us into balance with the Earth. And so, I begin with a radical rewrite of many of the basic concepts of modern science, in terms of Consciousness and I go on to sketch out the new metaphysics that follows.


Now, Consciousness has appeared in modern science in connection with the brain, with neurons in the brain. But it is not something tucked away inside our heads, it has radical implications for everything else as well. That goes far beyond the concerns of present-day science.


I am proposing a new Copernican revolution in science, and with it a new conceptual framework, and a whole new metaphysical base for civilization itself. A new worldview based not on physics or particle physics, not on cosmology, the places where new worldviews generally come from, but from the Life Sciences.


The old materialists’ paradigms have run their course, they have brought us to the brink of our own extinction, and now they are disintegrating all around us, they call for something new. I am proposing a simple shift among our most basic terms, matter and Consciousness, but in fact, a paradigm shift of epic proportions, with staggering implications for the way we think about Everything.


And so, two questions: Why can’t we come to the understanding that Consciousness is universal? And what would it mean if we could? And so, what is holding us all up? Our minds are filled with false theories, and false assumptions, that are getting in the way. Ok, let’s go for it!


How can we explain Consciousness in the material world? We cannot, not on any current concepts of “the material world.” And so, what I am proposing to do, is to radically rewrite our concept of the material world.


Consciousness has appeared as a term, and a problem, in modern science, most scientists believe that it can be accommodated, and explained, by existing scientific principles.


But I say that it cannot, that Consciousness points completely beyond present science, to a whole new view of the Universe, where Consciousness and not matter, or matter/energy, is the true bases of the Universe, and the right fundamental term, for science, and all other disciplines as well, and for civilization itself. And this new view of the Universe makes both possible, and real, life after death.


And this new view of the Universe I am proposing, has a place for everyone, and a whole new understanding of human identity, our place in the Universe, and what we are all really here for.


And so, I am going to rewrite our concept of “the material world” in a way that can explain Consciousness, and with it, a new theory of both Consciousness and matter, and what it means for the whole question of life after death.


Consciousness, the New Principle: Rewriting the Scientific Image of Nature


Science, Consciousness, and the Universe, The True Meaning of the Near-Death Experience: A New Copernican Revolution


Give me a place to stand and I will move the world. Archimedes
Stay tuned, for this present work, Abstract, Introduction and Table of Contents.