Corona & Beyond: Transpersonal Perspectives on Crisis, Transformation & Wellbeing

A cycle of dialogues, July-Oct 2020

This free summer series of online dialogues and embodied creative reflections expands on themes that emerged in our June session “Corona and Beyond: Transitioning to a new paradigm”, to explore transpersonal perspectives on the global pandemic and our individual, social and collective responses. Dr. Jessica Bockler and Prof. Les Lancaster will be joined by transpersonal psychologists, coaches and spiritual practitioners from the Alef Trust faculty to actively consider what we each can do to find greater alignment, meaning and balance in turbulent times. We look forward to opening the dialogues to include questions and discussion from participants, learning from each other as we envision the unfolding of a different future.

Dialogues hosted by Prof. Les Lancaster & Dr Jessica Bockler, with Alef Trust faculty:

  • Sun 13th Sept…….Jevon Dängeli: Changing perspectives in a changing world
  • Sun 4th Oct………..Prof. Les Lancaster & Dr Jessica Bockler: Grappling with mythical implications

All sessions 19:00-20:00 BST

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