Ever wondered how mysticism, quantum theory, and consciousness are intertwined? Well, get ready to unlock some mind-bending insights with our special guest, David Lorimer. An acclaimed writer, poet, and spiritual activist, David takes us on a journey through his unique upbringing and career, deeply influenced by his grandfather, Sir Robert Lorimer, a renowned architect and mystic.

We dive into a profound exploration of consciousness and its crucial role in science. Bouncing off the theories of iconic physicists from the 1930s to modern thought-leaders, we explore the paradoxical interface of the brain and consciousness. Prepare to be fascinated by our deep dive into the Hindu concept of the ‘witness’, and the intricate relationships between the soul, spirit, and body. A stimulating debate on love, freedom, personal responsibility, and the concept of an afterlife awaits you!

In our final act, we present David’s work under the microscope, celebrating his commitment to pushing boundaries and exploring new territories. From the impact of the exchange of ideas and knowledge to the profound influence of Reverend Norman Coburn on David’s life, we cover it all. So, are you ready to challenge your world view, disrupt your thought patterns, and embark on an intellectual rollercoaster ride with us? Join in for an episode that’s sure to inspire and provoke your thoughts in equal measure.