If we look to the past, it’s evident that as human beings we are capable of profound acts of courage, selflessness, and ingenuity…

Alas, we also have the capacity for profound devastation as evident in our many divides, institutionalized power-over dynamics, and tattered environments that are on the verge of extinction due to our collective excessiveness.

Yet, the future holds a different story, according to Matthew Fox and cosmologist Brian Thomas Swimme.

Brian and Matthew believe that we can and are actively birthing a new story and a new Earth by harnessing the primordial creation energy of the Universe that still exists today — a belief that has been foretold by great spiritual teachers and scientists alike for centuries.

It begins with the conscious creation of the noosphere, the sphere of human thought that envelops the Earth… with the potential to unify the best of humanity and inspire evolutionary advances that can create a truly equitable, joyful, and sustainable world.

You’ll explore the noosphere on Saturday, July 22, and discover how science and mysticism converge in the evolution of human consciousness and our world — and deepen the meaning of our lives and the power we hold to consciously create the harmony, fulfillment, and happiness we seek.

In this thought-provoking online event, you’ll:

  • Discover the noosphere, and how it’s relevant to us and to the roles of ritual and technology in evolving it
  • Be guided by Brian to directly experience your place in the creative energy of the cosmos
  • Deepen your understanding of the ongoing creation of the Universe and your role in it — and of Evelyn Underhill and M.D. Chenu’s perspective on “continuous creation” and “continuous incarnation”
  • Explore what mystics such as Pierre Teilhard de Chardin have to say on expanding your consciousness and trusting your divine powers of creativity
  • Learn how the power of symbolic language enabled Homo sapiens to establish unity

Together, Brian and Matthew are uniquely positioned to guide us to the path that is most aligned with our shared desire for peace and prosperity… and the imperative for nurturance, protection, and advancement of all beings.