Recently, Galileo Commission adviser Alan Rayner gave a webinar for Metaphorum, the recording of which is freely available.

Summary by Alan Rayner

In this presentation, I offer the fundamental natural evolutionary principle of ‘natural inclusion’ as a simple way to understand the complexities of the natural world in which we human beings are dynamically included. In summary, natural inclusion can be described as the receptive-responsive relationship between intangible spatial stillness and energetic motion in the being, becoming and evolutionary diversification of all material bodies, including our own.
For millennia this understanding has eluded us due to the prevalence of a definitive mode of perception, and associated abstract rationality, which either objectively isolates or conflates the human observer from or with what is observed. Such perception effectively removes the central coordinating influence, by way of the innermost spatial receptivity, which exists in the gravitational core of all natural organisations, from sub-atomic to galactic in scale. Consequently, the default condition of Nature is paradoxically presupposed to be either static or random, whereupon movement and order are believed primarily to be brought about by executive mechanical force situated somewhere ineffable. Many modern scientific concepts and governmental paradigms continue to be founded on this divisive and/or oppressive belief, including Darwinian ‘natural selection’.  These are a source of profound misunderstanding as well as psychological, social, and environmental harm.
We will have hope of release from the iniquities, paradoxes, inconsistencies, and falsities of objective rationalisation only when we recognise the receptive influence of omnipresent space and the responsive flow of energetic information around every body. Only then will a truly compassionate, creative, and regenerative way of life become possible.