In this interview, Prof Kenneth Ring, whose research involves ground-breaking investigations into near-death experiences, discusses his work on near-death experiences and how this has influenced his own life, despite not having had the experience himself.

One way to transcend the ego’s workings doesn’t require external chemicals or a brush with death. “Acceptance, which is not to be confused with passivity, is the key to living wisely,” said Ring. Simply by accepting what is, we can move beyond the ego’s habit of dividing the world into “for me” and “against me.”

Acceptance can include accepting that parts of you will probably die before your actual death, as Ring described. He realized that “the person I used to be had already died.” And although “that Ken is dead, that doesn’t mean I am!”

And it doesn’t mean he’s not enjoying life—he clearly is. “Waiting to die doesn’t have to be uncomfortable or lead one to think morbid thoughts,” he explained. “It can still be fun, as I try to show in my book.”


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