Joan and Laurel are educational researchers seeking to bring postmaterialist perspectives of consciousness into education at all levels, from early years, through primary, secondary, higher education, and beyond. These webinars were intended as a starting point to form a network of people who share this passion for integrating expanded concepts of consciousness into education.

Joan and Laurel define consciousness education as ‘education about perspectives on the source and nature of consciousness and their implications for ways of being, knowing, teaching, and learning.’ They say that inclusion of the word ‘perspectives’ here is significant, as it allows an openness to alternative ways of understanding consciousness, encouraging constructive dialogue about the diverse meanings consciousness has in different contexts.

Below you will find the recordings of the three sessions.

Session 1: What is consciousness education? Introduction and sharing our perspectives.

Session 2: ‘Why and where’ consciousness education? Sharing our educational experiences and the contexts in which we work.

Session 3: How do we develop consciousness education? Planning a collaborative inquiry.