April 28, 2022

There have always been forces in America trying to turn the country into a police state.
Police states are the most extreme version of the male impulse, born of fear, using fear to keep everyone in line.
The election of Trump sparked elections of other right winged governments in many other countries as well.
They are born of fear, and they look for some strong authoritarian leader who will solve their problems for them.
We heard it all with Trump: I can fix, I alone can fix it. The republican convention in 2016 was laced with this attitude, how wonderful Trump is, and he will know what to do. He is our hero.
Contrasted with what happened with the democratic convention: We are stronger together.
These represent two very different approaches to government, and they represent very different impulses in history. The Love orientation is a part of the democratic platform, and even in the convention the term Love appeared many times, a very new term in the language of politics.
Biden is very much in the Love orientation, and he cares about people. And he has managed to create unity among democracies everywhere.
And so, even among the countries that elected far right governments, hoping they would make things better, whereas in general they made everything worse, are now in the grassroots uprising everywhere mainly thanks to the pandemic against these governments that do not serve them.
There is some kind of magic afoot, planet wide.
The minute the election was over, and Biden had won, the republicans were saying, okay, that election is over, now on to the midterms. When do these people do any work? And they have one aim: To be reelected.
But at this point, they have few policies to offer the American people. Their strategy is to simply try to prevent democrats from voting, by redistricting the voting areas. And their only policy in the Congress: Whatever Biden and the democrats propose, block it. Part of their strategy is to pretend that the mob who stormed the capital on January 6, was just another ordinary group of tourists, and a day like any other day. And that the call to drag the body of Mike Pence to the streets, is acceptable political discourse.
And so: Whatever has happened to the Republican Party?
Up until now republicans and democrats have been walking along the same street just on different sides. Republicans in the past have well developed platforms, supporting voting rights for everyone, honoring both the constitution and democracy.
But in 2016, something very different happened. Trump with all of his charisma, emerged into the limelight, primetime every night on the news, with all of his outrageous claims and proposals. And the republicans accepted him as a way to get reelected. At some point, they began to abandon the traditional polices of the republican party, and became enamored of Trump, whose first act in office was to give all of the rich tax breaks, gradually giving away all of their power to him.
At some point, they began to abandon republican polices and become more and more simply the party of Donald Trump. And they gave away their power to Trump, and dared not criticize anything about him, because his policy was to insult everyone who disagreed with him, and they feared losing their constituents.
Yes Donald, of course Donald, whatever you say Donald, we’re behind you.
At this point, they are a pretty pathetic lot. Run and ruled by fear, with few concreted proposals to offer to the American people attempting to deal with the monumental problems of these times. All they want to do is be reelected.
Now: The two parties are very different at this point. Big money runs everything in America. The republican party is mainly interested in money and each other. The democrats are also interested in money and each other, but they have a third interest, people. They want to help people, extending healthcare, tax breaks, tax reform, all kinds of safety nets for ordinary people everywhere.
Many republicans view with horror what they consider the destruction of democracy and the constitution, simply because Biden wants to help the poor and the middle class.
Republicans are horrified at such a thought, giving money to the unwashed masses. They view governments that help people as extremely dangerous.
Governments actually helping people? Governments money in the pockets of the poor? What a terrible thing! The end of the world! We cannot think of anything worse, and we must prevent this in every way we can.
The far left and the far right are not mere images of one another. The far left comes from the Love orientation, wanting to help people out. The republicans are largely a fear based party at this point, the far right is far fear, and the far right wants a violent overthrow of the government, in order to put an authoritarian and chosen leader in place.
One of Trump’s bases: We don’t care about the election; he is our president.
Trump made no secret of his admiration of Putin, he wanted to be just the same kind of leader. And many in the republican party share his sentiments, they want to install in America something like the power structures that Putin manipulates.
Russia is run by a strong dictator at the top, surrounded by a group of rich and strong males, who rule over a country of faceless subjects.
Many republicans in America would like to see a similar way of government. Trump at the top, all of his rich republicans around him, given positions of power in his government, to rule over the vast majority of the American people.
The problem of course, is that people in America are not faceless, they have opinions, they have convictions, and they speak up.
What is remarkable is the similarity of Trump to Putin, typical of all male dictators, that they run and rule through fear lies and control.
Biden has been calling for a renaissance in democracy, but it is not clear that republicans have any interest at all in democracy.
Let us be clear about what happened at the capital. The mob that stormed the capital were not there to take out democrats alone, but all politicians. If democracy has a guardian angel looking after it, it clearly happened that day, in what did not take place that could have. All that saved politicians was the quick thinking of some capital aids who wished everyone away into safety.
And it also owes to the courage of a few policemen who risked their own lives to confront the mob, a mob armed with ammunition and explosives, and drew them away from the place where the representatives were hidden.
The mob that stormed the capital makes clear that the republicans had no interest in democracy. Trump attempted two coups. One was to overturn the election; the other was to overturn the government.
Both coups failed.
Ever since the election, declared both free and fair by most authorities and commentators, the republican party has tried to overturn it.
And at this point, the republicans are so determined to put in an authoritarian leader, Trump, and all of them part of his government, ruling America from the top down.
They have no interest in democracy whatsoever, and they are not about to allow democracy to get in the way of realizing their vision.
I am not speaking of every republican, but of the mass of republicans who are part of Trump’s base, supporting Trump at every level, eyeing the power of themselves and their rich friends dominating America.
Everyone knows exactly what is going on with them.
No one knows at this point how things will play out. One reason: Trump’s base is not a single unified body but is all fighting one another at some level. More and more, the democrats are stepping out of the woodwork with strong moral condemnation of many of the republican speakers, calling the kind of hate mongering exactly what it is, a form of evil calculated to divide people from one another.
But what is really happening in the deepest levels of the Earth plane, is that the system is crashing, and all kinds of policies and groups and the old stuff is crashing with it.
The republican party at this point seemed determined to turn back the clock, to reinstate in America the white male evangelical right, now taking aim at politicizing the Supreme Court, to repeal all of the liberal polices like Roe vs Wade, voting acts, redistricting voting areas and so on, because they have a republican majority.
Trump and his republicans are convinced that the Supreme Court will do their bidding.
But they may be in for a rude awakening. When Trump tried to get the court to overturn the election, he promised his followers, “the greatest reversal in history,” on the next day. It did not happen. And now more recently, when Trump attempted to get the Supreme Court to uphold his claim that he did not have to release his papers, the Supreme Court turned him down, with only one dissenting vote, by a Republican, Clarence Thomas.
Everyone is waking up. The example of the Ukraine’s fighting for democracy itself laying their lives on the line, is affecting everyone. It is a call to integrity everywhere.
And even the Supreme Court is being deeply affected by the shift away from the fear impulse into the new incoming orientation of Love.
This is a moment of truth for everyone. And it is a call for all of us, including rich CEO’s, including the Supreme Court, including politicians everywhere, to define who we are, what we believe and what we stand for.
There is a huge demographic shift in America, young people, People of Color, women, simply do not share this platform.
In fact, there is a generation gap in the whole world these days. In Russia, the older generation subscribes to everything Putin claims is happening, and his popularity is strong among them, because they believe his lie that the Ukrainians are causing all of these atrocities.
But the young people who surf the internet, know exactly what is happening, and now that Putin has shut down the internet, the young people see clearly that they have no place anymore in Russia, and many are leaving.
There is a generation gap. The old versus the young.
But there is also an astrological gap between the ideas of the Piscean Age, the old stuff essentially, and the new energy, and new ideas coming in with the Aquarian Age, now taking shape everywhere.
The old ways ran on fear, the new energies coming with the Aquarian Age, are the whole Love orientation.
And if the democrats want to win the next election, they have to give expression to these new energies and impulses, putting themselves on the side of the young, the women, People of Color, and the whole emerging Feminine Principle, that is actually the force of the tumultuous upheavals going on around us.
The republicans are trying to reinstate the old ways of fear, out of fear. They are deeply threatened by everything the democrats are trying to put in, in the way of helping ordinary people.
But the new ways of Love are coming in everywhere, putting an end to the old stuff, and at this point the old stuff is coming apart everywhere. Trump’s base fighting one another, all kinds of secret societies showing up, coming out of the woodwork, at one another’s throats.
There are many different ways to describe the various groups now in conflict, but at the deepest levels, the shifts are between the old and the new, about the fear orientation, that has run and ruled for so long, and the new orientation of Love coming in everywhere.
No one knows what will happen at the midterms, but we are not in business as usual, and given the example of Russia before us, a great many Americans will be realizing that that such a form of government is not for us.
Yesterday, Macron in France won the French election, 59 to 41, against Maritime Le Pen.
Several weeks ago, they were considered to be neck in neck. She represented the far right; the far right is far fear. She was an admirer of Putin, she was critical of NATO, she wanted to take France out of the European Union and end the flow of immigrants from the Mid-East.
France for the French alone.
Many of us wondered why the French would do anything like this, as they are a fairly enlightened civilization.
But I suspect the intervening events in Ukraine, won the day. And for the next 5 years, France will remain an influential member of Europe, supporting true democracy everywhere.
In America at this point, republicans are not going to allow democracy to get between them and their imposition of an authoritarian leader, American government of republicans, by republicans and for republicans.
Talk about tumultuous times!
Talk about a renaissance in democracy! The times they are a changing indeed.
And every one of us needs to wake up and confront the assault on democracy in America at all levels and depths.
And get clear on what it is we love about democracy, even as messy and unpredictable that it is. And how important to us our civil liberties really are, and how fragile. It is a call to really rethink ourselves from the ground up at every level and depth.
What is happening has a great deal to do with the shift from the fear into the Love orientation.
And has a great deal to do with the deepest truth that we come out of centuries of male domination.
And now, stay tuned.

Lorna Green