May 3, 2022

Where are we now in our history?

Biden hosting an event for journalist and commentators: Democracy is not a reality show.

The problems now facing the human race are so great that we need to remember ourselves in order to work out where we go from here.

When Mario Cuomo, who was governor of New York State awhile back was asked: What is the defense against terrorism? He answered: There is no defense against terrorism, as long as there are the rich and the poor, the haves and have nots, there will be terrorism. The only defense against terrorism is a more content world.

There is a fury in the world, and it ultimately owes to these great inequalities between the rich and the poor.

And so, how do we redistribute the wealth?

And so, we need to rewrite these inequalities from the ground up. In democracies other than America the rich take much more for granted their responsibility for the livelihoods of the poor, supporting universal healthcare, sliding income tax scale, social programs and so on.

Trickledown economics has been celebrated in America since Regan as a way to distribute the wealth. The theory seemed plausible, reward the rich with tax breaks and other financial incentives and they will reinvest their wealth in America, producing livelihoods for everyone.

But this is not what actually takes place.

Many CEO’s use the tax breaks they got to buy back their own shares. Or they simply use the money to increase their own salaries. Abigail Disney reports that the CEO of the Disney Corporation used his money to “increase his already obscene salary by 97%” while the salaries of his workers grew by 11%.

And now more often, the rich, and rich corporations hide their vast fortunes in foreign bank accounts where they do not even need to pay taxes on them.

The country is practically bankrupt at this point, because the rich have not been paying their fair share for a long time.

Trickledown theory is false. The swamp that Trump promised to drain when he took office owes to the fact that trickledown economics does not provide livelihoods for the poor.

And so, better ways for redistributing the wealth must now be found.

We all function in these great pyramids of power. At the top is some semidivine being, a pope, a king, or a CEO. Down below in ever increasing levels of unimportance is everyone else until at the very base, are those who do not matter at all: The people, People of Color, w the Native People, women, and the Earth. And I daresay, the Feminine Principle itself, drowned out of history by the male mind.

Pyramids are only as strong as their base, and those at the top neglect the health and wellbeing of those at the base, at their own peril, as they always have.

But we are now at a place in our history where the first shall be last and the last first. Because those at the base are not going to take this any longer. And in particular, the Earth will not tolerate these lies about who matters and who does not, any longer.

Throughout our history the Earth has been held in contempt, as of no importance whatsoever, just as something to be beaten up on in order to win merit for getting to heaven.

The most important reality on the planet is the Earth. She is the most important.

The next level up of equal importance are all of the ordinary people who work on the Earth, the poor and the middle class, who are really the links between wealth CEO’s at the top and the Earth at base, the source of all of the true wealth on the Earth plane.

And the exaggerated importance of CEO’s needs to be rethought.

The world has lost its barring completely. It is organized into these pyramids of power that exist to make money for their CEO’s. Even universities, whose true vocation is to serve students exists now as a way to make money for their presidents, their board of directors, their CEO’s.

There is a mystic about wealth in America. The American dream is all about some poor boy able to rise through the ranks to get rich. And there is something about the rich that makes them more wonderful than anyone else.

The American dream is all about getting rich. A large house or houses, cars and trucks, a TV in every room. And houses filled to the brim with material possessions.

The Earth cannot tolerate the North American lifestyle, and she cannot take any more of this.

Virtually every spiritual path I know of begins with the precept, “get rid of possessions.”

And so, what these great storms these tornados covering the Midwest and the South, are assisting us in a major awakening, the full realization of our mindless and soulless lifestyles, forcing us to take a giant step in our evolution by getting clear about who and what really matters.

And it begins with the truth of the Earth, about the getting the Earth right, and rebuilding our shattered world on the right base.

And so, we need to rethink our economies.

Virtually all human economies are based on the destruction of the Earth, they benefit only a few at the top, and they destroy the planet.

And so, we need to rethink capitalism itself. The hidden premise of capitalism is that only those at the top matter, that only the rich matter, everyone else is simply slave labor. This is present capitalism.

Biden in his State of the Union: I am a capitalist, and capitalism needs to change.

True capitalism needs to be founded on the clear understanding that everyone else matters just as much as well. And that in fact, those at the top are the least important, those at the base are the ones who matter the most.

Capitalism does not have to have the cruel face it has always had. Capitalism needs to be based on the truth that everyone matters, that the Earth matters the most of all, and start doing things right.

America, a so called Christian country where the Love Jesus taught is supposedly in charge, where some people think other people have no right to a living wage.

Trump took office with high hopes. That here is a businessman who will run America like a good business, everyone having decent work and decent wages and the truth of the Earth as connected and interconnected throughout would be honored.

He once boasted that he would never have a poor person in his cabinet because “the rich know how to do things.”

What the rich are best at is looking out for their own self-interest. Trump and his rich cronies have taken their office as a way to make money for themselves. On weekends, Trump’s family used to fly about the planet in matters to do with their private businesses, nothing to do with the American people. All of the security help that had to accompany them everywhere, had their salaries paid for by the American people.

We have been run and ruled by the rich for the last for years and we all have now a good understanding of how the rich think and work.

Most of them have absolutely no concept of how the poor live. They have no understanding of the kind of anxiety people live in every single day, holding two jobs simply to keep food on the table, always concerned that they lose their health, no health coverage, no social safety nets.

One rich man speaking to another one said: You know Jib, some people think a million dollars is a lot of money. And now, one of the lawmakers in Florida is proposing to increase the money in his state by raising taxes on the poor. These people have no social conscious whatsoever, and no understanding of other people’s problems, or their realities.

There is a fury in the world, it is coming from the Earth, and from everyone who has been marginalized for so long.

And so, we are now facing incredible problems, a crisis everywhere, ecologically, and economically. We need political leaders who understand the monumental moment of truth that we are now in and are prepared to deal with them.

We have before us a remarkable witness to democracy, the richness and truth of democracy for the Ukrainian people, but what do we have at home? Obama: Democracy in the West is flabby.

Our political representatives—put in power to represent us, are typically all given over to their endless little political games, as if there were nothing else taking place on the Earth plane. The political realm has become just a place of games. Okay, that election is over, now on to the midterms. Okay, how can we get reelected? The best way to get reelected is to look good for Trump’s base.

America has always had a tendency to be run by Hollywood. Trump never wanted to be a real leader who cared for the people, he simply wanted to look like one.

Our political representatives are meant to represent us. To care for us, to honor us, and to keep in mind where we are in our history to make wise decisions on our behalf.

Governments are meant to care for their people.

This is for the most part not what is taking place in America. Where is this lust for reelection coming from? We hear no talk of responsibility or true leadership. These people wish to be reelected because they like the roles, they like looking important by sitting in the Congress, they love strutting about without values or policies, simply interested in their titles, the committees they can sit on and so on.

And then of course, there is the money. Follow the money trail. Our elected representatives make all kinds of business dealings, representing corporate sponsors, pretending with one side of their mouth to be serving the American people, at the other side of their mouth, they take all sorts of kickbacks from corporations. When you want to know what is shaping voting practices these days, checkout their funding sources.
Big money runs everything, and everyone apparently can be bought. In comparison with what the Ukrainian people are willing to die for in order to preserve their democracies, our political representatives are pathetic. And if we did our jobs as badly as they do theirs, we would be out of work.

What is now happening is fairly typical. Immediately after the mob at the capital, Mitch McConnel was so furious he said we must purge the Republican Party of Trumpism, and I will vote for impeachment. Kevin McCarthy told republican seniors, I have had it with this guy, I am going to go to Florida and tell him to step down.

As it turns out, what he really ended up going down for was to “mend the fences.”

Confronted with this new revelation, he answered, “oh no, I never said that.” But there were the audios on CNN’s tape.

And Mitch McConnel was quoted saying at one point in the impeachment hearings: Rough translation — the democrat’s impeachment hearings will get rid of this jerk for us. When he asked about these remarks, he refused to talk about them, or anything to do with the events January 6. Good old Mitch, classic Mitch McConnel always one finger up in the air trying to figure out in what direction the winds are blowing so he can get on side and look.

Here we are, Republicans trying to pretend storming of the capitol by a mob armed with explosives and ammunitions was just like any other group of visitors.

The whole tissue of lies that of the past four years is over, they have left everyone unsure of what to believe, who to believe or what to do.

And so, I return to this new moment of truth, and where we go from here.

Rebuilding civilization from the base up beginning with the Earth and then at every level new and true practices and new economies based on them.

We need a new vocabulary. Plato claimed that leaders should be recruited from the ranks of those who did not want the job. Because leadership is a tremendous responsibility. Leaders are there to care for all of the people, and to pilot the ship of state.

You never hear talk these days about responsibility. Responsibility needs to be our first new term. Leaders are there to serve everyone else.

There are some lawmakers these days who run for office because they believe they can help people in more ways than they could have in any other calling. When Biden saw the mob at Charlottesville descending from buses with baseball bats in their hands, he saw that democracy itself was in peril, and that he had to run again. There are people trying to help other people from the highest levels of government down, but they are easily taken over by the perks and the privileges that to with the office, and they lose their way.

Or, as we have seen with the Republican Party and Trump, the Republicans have been so dumbed down with fear, that they never contested any of his words, or dared to speak up for the truth of things.

The first casualty of fear is that truth goes out the window. And now, this tremendous event hosted by Biden for 2000 journalists and commentators reminds us of the importance of a free press in a democracy.

This event was up until Trump’s regime, an annual event. Trump had no use for the free press whatsoever, any appearance of the truth of things, about global warming, the environment, the pandemic, he called “fake news” the only real news and truth on the planet was whatever his gut had to say to him, and Republicans allowed themselves to be turned into the cowards that they now are.

And so, there is the first new word. Responsibility now let’s see some evidence of this.

And then, a second new word: Connected. We are all connected with one another in society. Everyone is dependent on everyone else. Everyone needs a healthy society that serves both the rich and the poor, and so, since all connected and interconnected, everyone matters. Everyone has the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

And what we are now learning about the Earth, is that every being on the Earth is interconnected with every other being on the Earth, in delicate webworks and networks of interdependence and interconnectedness, a great Oneness and One. To harm one is to harm all.

Human beings have designed our technologies with only ourselves in mind, and we think we can target one species without disrupting anything else.

This does not work, in ecosystems, everything is interconnected, and interdependent, and human beings must realize this, and design their technologies, accordingly, keeping in mind the health and wellbeing of the entire Biosphere.

Technology has always had its own ethic: If it can be done, do it. Only our increasing new understanding of how the Earth really works can set technology its goals and its limits. Our technologies are now overwhelming the Earth, destroying the planet and destroying ourselves, they need to be completely rethought in terms of the truth of the Biosphere.

The Biosphere is what is real on the planet, not the corporations, the banks or the governments. And the health and wellbeing of the Biosphere, the Earth is the bottom line on every corporation, every government, and every one of us.

And so, since we are all connected with the Earth also, the Bill of Rights must be made universal. Every being on the planet also has rights, to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And because the Earth is our life support system, her rights precede our own.

And so, a new principle and a new practice. A great idea which got into the wrong hands and was never given a chance: From everyone according to their abilities, for everyone according to their needs.

Since we all need a healthy society, those who earn more pay more. It is that simple.

We need a whole new sense of solidarity with one another and with the Earth. The principle set forth in the play and film Billy Elliot (the irony is that the Billy Elliot play is all about working class, but the tickets are so expensive only the rich can afford to see it. Maybe they will learn something): All for one and one for all, solidarity forever. And so, a deep dialogue needs to begin between the rich and the poor, the haves and the have not, learning from one another the truth of their lifestyles and their lives.

A planet run by the demand for profits is callous and cruel, and no profits are ever enough. We must have profits, profits and more profits. When Jesus said the love of money is the root of all evil, he knew what he was talking about.

There is not cure for greed. Greed is running and ruling the planet right now, driving the destruction of the Earth, and driving us all insane. Greed can only be dealt with by law, by new principles and practices put into law, tax reform, the rich having to pay their fair share, everyone inspired to care for one another, building a system that cares for others, instead of using them as slave labor, pretending they have no rights, and so on.

We are surrounded by this kind of evil on all sides.

And so, everyone needs to start doing the right thing, this precept alone will change our world forever.

Everyone knows what the right thing is: Pay workers a decent wage, a living wage that can support whole families. Decent work, everyone’s work honored and respected, every individual treated with respect, universal healthcare, affordable housing affordable education for all.

And the planet also honored and respected, treated as living conscious spiritual beings, like ourselves, who have needs. Needs that must be met if the human adventure is to continue here. She needs time for rest, fallow times, nesting sites and den sites, food sources, habitat and green cover, and their lives. And the animals we grow for food need to be honored and respected.

Every one of us is involved in the project of trying to understand the planet. And now, there are two kinds of power in our political system. The first and most important power, comes from the base of pyramid. The link between our economies and the Earth.
And then, another kind of power flows from the top down. If CEO’s will take their responsibilities for the Earth and for people, they are in a position to effect great changes that we now must make.

At this point, given the way society is organized, the destruction of the Earth is being driven by corporate arrogance, corporate ignorance, and corporate greed, and it needs to change.

And so, our economists and thinkers need to be guided by the truth of the Earth. Present societies benefit only a few at the top and destroy the planet, generate a mass of garbage, and destroy the Earth.

In the Earth ecosystem every being benefits nothing is lost or wasted, there is no garbage, and the Earth is not degraded.

We need ideas about the Earth. James Lovelock coined the term “the Gaia Hypothesis.” He proposes that the Earth is one living organism, of which we are a part.

In living organisms, every part is serving the health and wellbeing of all the rest, every part plans a role in the overall health of the organism.

Human beings as yet cannot think in these terms, we think we are the only beings on the planet who matter, and everything is there to serve ourselves. We cannot think in terms of being a part of something larger than ourselves.

And so, we have to start asking new questions. Becoming aware before we cut net shoot or poison something that we maybe destroying the overall economy of the whole organism.

This is just another one of the lessons in rethinking ourselves in terms of the whole Earth as connected and interconnected throughout and our very life support system.

All of those disappearing species are vital links in our own food chains. And we cannot poison the whole Earth, and still be healthy ourselves.

Every one of us must gradually become clear that we are a part of something larger altogether. A certain respect for the planet needs to grow in everyone. We cannot harm the planet without harming ourselves.

And now, my greatest reason for hope at this absolutely pivotal moment in our history is what is happening in the political domain.

With the election of Joe Biden, something completely new is taking place in our history. Biden is in the Love orientation as are many of the people now in his administration. And the Republicans are extremely upset.

Because Biden wants to people, and to put money in the pockets of the poor and middle class.

What could be more horrifying than a government trying to help people?

When Zelensky was asked about his inspiration for leadership, he said it is the Ukrainian people, their courageous and their determination to preserve democracy. Biden also derives his strength from the people, from “we the people.”

The Republican’s view his presidency with alarm and concern, claiming that he is destroying democracy and the destroying the constitution. And they urge their followers: Fight for America, fight for democracy, fight for the constitution.

Up until now very few Republicans even thought about the constitution and now their pretense to be the party of working people seems far from the truth.

What has them so upset? That he is destroying their particular version of democracy, that government must be run by the rich, the wealthy corporations, that only in this way can country’s function.

What is not being said at this point is that we are not a democracy in America. We are an oligarchy, as Plato defined it, government by the rich, government for the rich.

The Republican Party at this point does not think in terms of democracy they are unconsciously thinking in terms of an oligarchy and people need to realize this, because it makes many of their practices clear. Including their horror at the election of Biden, and their determination to overthrow it.

Many politicians are in the Congress because they want to help people. But by far the majority are there out of their own self-interest, they like the role, starring in a TV reality show, the perks and privileges of power, and the money they can pull in. The people are the least of their concerns.

And so, at this moment something absolutely radical is now taking shape, that will change the world for years to come.

Governments are in power to serve their people. Biden cares about people, and the bills he is bringing forth and the policies he is advocating is the full expression of his desire to help people. His focus is shifting away from those at the top, down to the true basis for all civilizations, the Earth and the people and all who have hitherto been marginalized, proposing to completely rethink the basics of the financial system and the economy in terms that start with getting the base right. And his proposals for change, shifting the focus of government from the wealthy down into everybody else, are being endorsed by some of the best economist in America.

What he is proposing is a radically realignment of how our economies and financial systems work. Power is now passing from those at the top back down to the base where it belongs, and we are going to reshape the world starting with getting the base right.

No wonder Republicans are upset. They fake their commitment to democracy, but their real commitment is to oligarchy. And they are very far away from the truth of democracy: Of the people by the people and for the people.

We need to be absolutely clear on their motivations, they seek all their rich perks and privileges slipping away from them, through tax reform, universal healthcare, affordable education, paid leave for maternity, vacations, affordable housing, and so on.

But their time has come.

And so, the Trump regime. Trump has been the catalyst for everything that now needs to happen. We have all seen what it means to be run and ruled by the rich. How lies function, to confuse everyone. How fear shuts everyone down.

We have all had a good look at the political games our elected representatives are busily engaged in, with no concern for us whatsoever, only to be reelected in their own self interests.

Trump’s lies about the pandemic as a democratic hoax, have cost thousands of ordinary Republicans their lives. His pretense that global warming and climate change are just another democratic hoax, have set us back for years in being able to cope with the problems we now face, since he removed all environmental protection laws that came under Obama, and supported every form of the big polluters, setting back any hopes of dealing with global warming. He abandoned all America’s responsibilities for the rest of the world and not just Americans. His tax breaks for the rich have resulted in practically bankrupting the country, because the rich have never had to pay their fair share.

We have all seen the deep racism in America, sexism, the divisions that Trump has produced dividing all of us from one another, and the ensuing violence fear and confusion now everywhere.

In fact, Trump has been the catalyst for everything that now needs to happen by being its direct opposite. Since his election there has been an unprecedented uprising of the Love orientation, a growing political awareness of virtually everyone in America, recognition to the dangers of our civil liberties, of these inequalities between rich and poor. In a nutshell: Trump has taken the system down.

Everything he has done has catapulted us into a completely new place. The system has gone, its collateral damage and all of its side effects are now visible everywhere, we can no longer ignore them. Everything that has been hidden and covered up for so long is now visible to everyone, and so we are ready to rethink the system that never worked anyway, and to rebuild our completely shattered world on new terms.
Trump has been the catalyst for what now needs to happen. Biden is probably the only person on the planet at this point, who can make the transition, into a new civilization based on better values, new ideas, based on Love and Truth. Rebuilding centuries of being run and ruled by male domination, fear lies and control on a new footing of Love and Truth, and power to the people.

These times are so tumultuous because we are leaving centuries run and ruled by fear, to move fully into a present and future based on Love.

The division between Democrats and Republicans, getting greater all of the time, is not simply about one set of policies or another. It has to do with this monumental transition from fear into the Love orientation, the truth that belongs to Love. A civilization based on Love and Truth. Where everyone belongs and has a role to play.

The Republican Party is very much the party of fear, run and ruled by fear, the Democrats more and more embodies the Love orientation. Those who are in fear are deeply threatened by those who are in the Love orientation, and this truth has much to do with the fury of Republicans.

Thinking men and women throughout the centuries have dreamed of the time when the human race would be able to harness the power of Love.

The magic and the mystery of these times is that the Love is here, we are already in and within a new civilization based on Love and Truth, putting the old ways, the old stuff run and ruled by fear, over with, why it is now so highly visible, because we are leaving it behind us. It is all up in order that we can see how awful it was, and let it go.

All the policies Biden is bringing are in the service of the incoming Love orientation, why it is provoking such a strong reaction everywhere. But once again, America is in the whole world, and the kind of leadership Biden provides, the bills he is putting forth, his call for a renaissance in democracy are being taken up everywhere. And if we can pull it off in America as we now are, it will reshape the whole world.

I remind you of the real greatness of America. American fire power turned the tide in the second world war against Hitler. But that is not really what has made America great in the eyes of the world. What made America great in the eyes of the world, are the words written on the statue of liberty:

Give me your tired your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuge of your teaming shores,
Send these the homeless the tempest tosses to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door.

America is now the proving ground and the testing place for the greatest revolution in the whole of history, the revolution from fear into the Love, and the Love orientation. Biden is the perfect transition in this impulse, bringing the best of the old ways, that included knowing how to work with government to get things done, putting in place the precepts and the new ideas that will enable us to move into something so new, a world run by Love, we can hardly begin to imagine what that would look like.

The Piscean Age of male domination run and ruled by fear is over, its essential impulse disintegrating. The Aquarian Age is all about the Love orientation, and the Reappearance of the Feminine energy, the Feminine Principle in history. This is the real reason why these times are so tumultuous. It is because this transformation is so new and so radical, and the stakes are now so high. The future is up to every one of us, and the decisions you and I are making this day and every day, will reshape civilization as we have always known it.

We are now in place that many of us have dreamed about for so long and the political climate is just right for putting that dream into practice. We have dreamed of the Love orientation going everywhere in the planet, reshaping the modern world itself.

Make the most of it. If we can pull off a society and a government that cares about people, Biden is the leader who will make this possible. But there is a much deeper reason for now making this possible.

It is the women.

Women and the Feminine principle have been suppressed throughout our history, with the dawning of the Aquarian Age, the Feminine principle is reappearing in history, and with it the advent the validity and the rightful place of women. If we can create a society who cares for people, it will owe to women, the original caregivers for the whole Earth. They have already demonstrated their strength in coping with the pandemic. The prophet Nostradamus foresaw this moment in history as our greatest moment, because of the reappearance of women in positions of power, making the decisions that will change the world forever.