My hope is that if we can know the truth about what is now happening to the planet and ourselves, then we can begin to figure out what to do about it.

The first and most drastic scenario of all is the one proposed by James Lovelock, who proposed that the Earth, Gaia, is one living organism. His prediction is that because of global warming and climate devastation, the Earth population now at almost 8 billion people will have shrunk to 500 million living around the Poles, the only place where the climate be habitable. He predicts that famine, drought, disease and wars over water, will drastically curb our vast numbers. (The Revenge of Gaia, 2006 The Rough Ride to the Future, 2014)

And he predicts that the human race has set into practice irreversible events, that nothing we can do will change the course of our history.

And he makes many specific predictions about what will happen in the next 60 years—the desert creeping into Europe, supplies of fresh water shrinking everywhere, and so on.

James Lovelock knows better than anyone the computer sciences about the planet. But there is another equally powerful prediction concerning the modern world by the Native Peoples all across the Earth plane.

Their understanding of events: The Feminine energy has been flowing into the planet for some time now, its rate of inflow peaked at December Solstice 2012, the date the Mayan calendar was set to end, a date many predicted as the end of the world. And now, the Feminine energy is flowing in everywhere. And so, by the year 2300 the human race will have attained its greatest maturity.

As I have been laying out the sources of the problems, we have created for ourselves, I have made clear that one of the most important reasons of all, is that we come out of centuries of male domination. We come out of a long one-sided rule by the masculine principle, out of all balance or connection to the Feminine. And now, in the modern world, this terrible imbalance is righting itself.

James Lovelock is well acquainted with computer science, given the deepest truth of our history, the suppression of the Feminine Principle, I am betting that the Native People have things right.

And indeed, one of the ancient Hopi Prophecies is that “there will come a man called Bahamas who will sow the seeds of the Feminine in public life.” And we are witnessing the continuing emerging presence of this impulse coming in everywhere.
And so, here is another prediction to consider. Many fundamentalist Christians hold that the 2300 will be the end of the world. I ran this number by a spiritual friend of mine who said, “yes, we foresee a great awakening at that date, of the incoming Feminine Principle.” But these people are so threatened by the Feminine in any way shape or form, they would foresee that moment as the end of the world. It would probably be the end of the world, as we now know it, based on fear and lies, death centered and deeply sick, in favor of something based on the fullness of the Love orientation, the real teachings of Jesus, hardly even imaginable at this point in our history.

And now, I share with you a prophecy developed by New Age thinkers everywhere. In the work Seth Speaks, channeled by Jane Roberts that appeared in 1972. The whole of the New Age is really not new, it is a recovery of many ancient spiritual wisdom teachings that have been neglected or lost over the years. It includes modern psychologies of Jung and others, Buddhist and Christian teachings. It also contains many works on the Goddess, and the reappearing feminine energy, this new principle now coming in everywhere. Many of its teachings are given, by channeled sources, “sent to us to help us through this difficult period of our history.”

Seth warned in 1972, that the human race is now an overpopulated and overcrowded species, and that if we did not curb our numbers voluntarily, the Earth would do it for us. And her ways are not pleasant: Famine, drought, disease, war. And so, here we are now, what he predicted is now happening all around us.

The New Age contains many teachings, of which the most comprehensive is Seth, about reincarnation. About the crisis’s we are in. Virtually all religions, Christianity in particular, essentially living through a long legacy of misinformation about Spirit and human identity itself, who we are and what we are all here for.

And his prophecy is the most stunning and hopeful of all. He predicts that as the new ideas coming in with the New Age, and the new principle I call the Feminine Principle, new ideas especially about Consciousness, an Earth that is as conscious as we are, a Universe where Consciousness is the true basis for the Universe and the fundamental term. He predicts that with the new ideas, the human race will have so changed that “it will seem to be something completely other.” No one will look down on other people because we will realize that our identity includes membership in theirs also. That we are all here for the same reason, to experience the Earth plane at all levels and depths, both sexes, all roles and cultures. We will know that we are eternal reincarnating beings, the people we despise, we will in our own turn become, there will be no reason to put anyone else down.

He predicts that the human race will have so changed it will seem to have turned into another. He adds, this does not mean there will not be problems, but we will have much greater powers and abilities to deal with them.

Now, my reason for hope. Seth says, in 1972, that by the year 2070 all of these changes will have taken place. But he adds that the results of these new ideas coming in will show long before then, and I am offering you this perspective because it is taking place even now as we speak.
On all sides, physical events, geological events, that were not supposed to happen until the 2070’s are happening now. That everything has gone into high gear, events not expected until 2040 are now happening everywhere.

And it looks as though everything is coming to a head, much more rapidly than any of it was expected to take place.

Including this metamorphosis of human beings themselves, evolving into a species that we have barely dreamed of throughout our history.

A species that now bases itself on truth and the incoming Love orientation.

It began in political life with Obama, it is continuing with Biden, with the uprising of great many new ideas in political life, in every other discipline, in the whole of the modern world.

They are coming in with the women, with media becoming responsible, and for the hunger for truth that is now everywhere, thanks to the last several years of living in a tissue of lies. The pandemic has made ordinary people everywhere wanting to know the true from physicians and scientists, about how to protect themselves, how to protect their families, and now how to survive what seems to be calamities at every level, socially, economically, in terms of religion, and the bad news everywhere.

This is happening, it is all coming to a head now, because of a new ripeness of the times, that we are ready for it.

We are in a supreme moment of history. Virtually all economies are based on the destruction of the Earth and have been run for a long time by the whole male orientation.

And this is now changing, everywhere. The old stuff going out, and the new incoming ideas reshaping the world day by day.

It is happening fast, because everything has gone into high gear, as it must, as it now can.

These are tumultuous times in which to be alive.

We need to know the truth of what is taking place, why these great storms, why people everywhere on the move, why global warming, and what we can do about it.

There are short term problems to be solved, like what to do with refugees from the ravaging of capitalism in South America, now showing up at our border; refugees from the Mid-East and Africa showing up in Europe, fires everywhere; shrinking water supplies everywhere, all of the fallout of global warming.

And then there are long term solutions, getting civilization on the right footing in terms of our ideas.

We are leaving behind us the Piscean Age and centuries of male thinking before it now moving fully into the Aquarian Age, defined by the incoming new Feminine principles.

And my greatest hope for us is that no matter who elaborated the civilization of the past, our problems owe to ideas.

That the real crisis we are in embodies certain ideas, ideas about the Earth, about Ourselves, about religious issues, about we are all here for, and about Spirit. About who what and where Spirit really is, and how we can most fully connect with the Love and Truth orientation now coming into history, at every level and depth.

Human beings go by ideas. The crisis we are now in everywhere owes to certain ideas, ideas that have now run their course. They have brought us to the brink of our own extinction, we cannot go on as we are destroying the planet, we need new ideas, and we need them now.

Look for the growth points, look for the new ideas that serve us, leadership and leaders that serve us.

And know that what these tumultuous times are really all about could be summarized by simply saying: Spirit is taking a hand in history. Spirit is all about Love and Truth, at this point the incoming Feminine Principle, and the new ideas coming in everywhere.

Many are clinging to the old ways of fear out of fear, everyone else finding their way into the new Love orientation, and the Truth.

Find your sources of strength, and know that Spirit has not deserted us, that every day the answers we need are now appearing.

June 14, 2022

And so, a scriptural principle: Be not afraid, make the most of the incredible calmness of Spring, of Springtime after a long and dark Winter, and find your own ways into the incoming Love orientation.

It is “the ripeness of the times” for a new synthesis, a new understanding.

Here are some of the ideas that have come my way, that will enable us to make the changes we must now make.

And so, this pivotal moment of historical grace and my reasons for hope: We are in what a woman friend calls “the frenzy of the end times of male domination.” And now, the women are reappearing in history, the missing half of the whole of history and of civilization itself, as men often say of their wives: My better half.

And with the women, the Love orientation, and new ideas based on the truth of the Earth as Consciousness throughout, and the profound depths of our connections to her.

And so, the greatest hope of all: Ideas, it is all about ideas, the old ideas that have brought us to this crisis point in our relationship to the Earth and one another, the new ideas that will enable us to move into a new civilization based Love and Truth.

And my conviction is that if we can know the truth about what is now happening on the planet, and its sources, we can know how to deal with it.

The human race is resourceful. If we can honestly face the crisis we have created for both ourselves and the Earth, then we can find our way forward.


Lorna Green