July 18, 2022

Ideas: The True Leadership on the Earth Plane Is Our Ideas, and Not the Supreme Court

Heraclites: The sun shall not overstep his bounds or the furies will find him out.

And now?

Part A

The Republicans have shot their wad, and the Republican dream may now become their worst nightmare.

I am speaking about the Supreme Court’s ruling of Roe vs Wade, turning the decisions about women’s rights under the law into a matter for state governments.

This decision is vintage Republican.

1.Ah, these Republicans, how can one not love them? Their motives are so transparent and so pathetic. Whenever Republicans have no ideas of their own, or nothing else to do on a rainy afternoon, they typically make a grab for women’s reproductive issues.
This decision is a blatant attempt to make women into the property of men.

Most women do not know their history, and neither do the men. Long ago women were edited out of the discussion, and out of history, at the very dawn of modern thought.
When the men took over, they turned women into the property of men, to be told their place and nature by men, and what they could and could not do.

We are all trying to extricate ourselves from what a male author, (Peter Kingsley, In the Dark Places of Wisdom) calls “the barbaric subordination of women” at the dawn of history.

When this decision came down, Biden called it a dark day for America, and for women. Chief Justice John Roberts said: This day, the Supreme Court has failed the American people. This decision was also condemned by most European countries and many other countries around the world as well.

And Trump’s first reaction in private was to say: This does not bold well for the Republican Party.

We are looking at the fulfillment of the Republican dream, the dream of Mitch McConnell and other Republicans that have been in the works for a long time. Trump and the Republicans have managed to stack the Supreme Court with Republican judges, Republican lackeys who are there to put into practice the vision of the Republican Party.

And they have shot their wad.

This is a blatant move to turn back the clock. While across the world countries are expanding women’s liberties, even in South America, America is trying to curtail them.
This is an attempt to turn back the clock, not simply to the 1960’s, where many present issues were already up for us. Once again what Bob Dylan sang about is true: How many roads must a man walk down before they will call him a man?

Once again, the Civil Rights liberties for Blacks and People of Color and for Women are being undermined. This recent attempt, one of the precedents for the present ruling, would turn back the clock to 1868, where a particular religious view dominated much of America. America was a country of white Protestant males, women had virtually no rights, were considered not “persons.” And People of Color had no rights whatsoever.

The Frenchman Tocqueville who visited America back then warned in his work Democracy in America, about the tyranny of the majority. There is an equally sinister other possibility as well, the tyranny of a small minority against the whole American people.

The Republicans have tipped their hand. This is a blatant attempt for a small minority of Republicans to impose their views on everyone. And to return to a state of the nation where white Protestant males were the rule. And add to that, rich white males are the rule.

The physicists Richard Fineman observed that when there is no proof for something, there is a great deal of hype around it. This is the case for women’s issues in general, and a particular interpretation of contraception that women have practiced from the beginning of time.

The Supreme Court has ignored the changing demographics in the modern world, People of Color voting, holding office, and the tremendous gains women have made in achieving social and political equality, and economic equality with men.

It is a blatant effort to force women back into some ancient role of who they are, to be told their place and nature by men, and that their role is to simply produce children.

The Republican Party in this Supreme Court decision is also revealing another of their convictions, the intent to subject the whole of America into some kind of authoritarian government. We are seeing this with the hearings, and we are seeing it now in the Supreme Court which has just become a political body, like all the rest of America, determined to impose its vision of things on everyone else.

This will not work. And the Supreme Court will lose the respect of most Americans, and they will simply ignore the policies handed down by it.

And this is only the beginning of an even worse aspect of the Republican dream. This will begin the power of the government to interfere in every aspect of our private lives, especially women’s lives. Women’s lives will continually be securitized by neighbors and friends, turning people into informants and so on.

The long and the short of the deepest truth of the Republican Party is the desire to see America run and ruled by Republicans and Republican values at every level and depth.

In fact, to turn the country into a police state.

American people, take note.

And this is only the beginning. We now know that the Supreme Court intends to reevaluate a great many present civil liberties like same sex marriage, and all forms of contraception. This is to erase all of the gain’s women have been making in the last few centuries.

In Biden’s State of the Union, he began with an introduction to two women standing beside him, Nancy Pelosi, and Dr. Jill Biden, observing that this state of recognizing women was long overdue.

If the Republican’s succeed, women will never be there again. No one is fooled these days by Republican rhetoric.

There are an estimated 300,000 abortions a year in America. This is a very small number compared to the general population. The reason it is so small is that women have been set free from the necessity of continually baring children, by the widespread and development of contraceptives. If the Supreme Court is now going to turn back the clock on the use of contraceptives, the numbers of abortions will skyrocket.

Women have always sought abortions and they will continue doing so.

2. Now, let us look at some of the issues.

Already with great glee Republican states are moving to ban all abortions.

They call themselves “prolife.” Let us be clear on what respect for life is all about. Respect by these people for life only extends to life in a women’s womb, not for life anywhere else. Religious zealots support life in the womb, but nothing after. When the child is born, they have no interest in its fate. Respect for life ends at birth, at that point they do not care whether the child lives or not, life on the battlefield is not respected, we can destroy a rain forest—call it what it is murder a rain forest—we can destroy the entire Earth, awe but life in the womb is sacred.

Let us be clear on a major issue. These people claim to be protecting the rights of the fetus, and the baby. Let’s mention then some other rights. Once the child is born, it continues to have these same rights, the rights to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. If the men are serious about making women bare children that they neither want or need, and cannot support, let them come forth with the funds, the money to care for, raise and educate another human being.

I remember seeing a photo some years back: A group of old white pasty-faced men, signing a bill banning abortion, with the observation, “now she will never have to make a decision.” In fact, the young woman involved, often a single woman, will have to make a thousand decisions, about how she is going to pay for the care of the child, earn enough money to raise it and educate it.

There is something totally hypocritical in this great concern, about this great concern of men for life in the womb.

As Tom Barry once said (The Dream of the Earth): Respect for life must be total, or it will not be at all.

3. And then there is another issue: Just what is going on during 9 months of a woman’s pregnancy?

Up until now, there has been some recognition that until about the 5th month, the fetus is not really a person, only at that point is it capable of living on its own. That time was called “the moment of quickening.” But now, no such moment is recognized at all, and Republican legislators are insisting that no abortion is allowed whatsoever, that the rights of the fetus begin with fertilization.

Now there is a great deal of controversy over this issue.

And interesting light on the truth of things is now being shed, by channeled sources. According to Seth and others, the soul, or the person, does not enter the fetus until the 5th month or more, up until that time, it would just be too boring to be there.

The long and the short of these issues is that no one can say with any deeper truth exactly what is happening, the entire situation is ambiguous. And it is for this reason that ever since Roe vs Wade was passed, the question of an abortion was a private matter between a woman and her doctor.

At this point, a small religious minority is trying to claim the final word, to impose their views and convictions on everyone else. A male friend told me in a similar kind of discussion, that such religious people were insisting that this was the truth, and he said: Well, we don’t believe that.

That is the state of the art these days, and prochoice is the only true and appropriate policy in our present situation. Republicans are trying to end this policy, their motives entirely suspect, disrespect for women and the rights of women to make their own decisions. They are making women the victims of men.

Republicans are making a grab for women’s reproductive issues, as an excuse to reduce women to the property of men once more. They hope to appeal to the fears so many men have to women, by denying women’s validity.

This will not work. Events in Texas makes this clear. What is now called the forced birth law is being pushed by the Governor. But the statistics are against him. The University of Texas recently conducted their own poll. 37% of Texans alone support the law, 54% are against it. Only 9% believe that abortions should be banned in cases of rape, and 13% in cases of incest. More than half of the people of Texas believe that abortions are a woman’s right in general, and 60% believe that Texas is on wrongheaded course.

The Governor thought his bill would win him votes. In fact, at this point, his popularity is plummeting. And I predict that other Republican governed states will share the same fate.

Women in Texas are being subjected to horrifying physical and emotional trauma, that no man would ever put up with, because they are not regarded as equal citizens. Well, the women are here to stay, taking back their power, and the whole of America needs to move with the times.

The same men that would ban abortions for women, insist that every American has the right to carry a gun and will not do anything real about these mass shootings. We all have the right to carry guns.

As Kamala Harris puts at: What about the right to life of everyone killed in these mass shootings? What about the rights of parents to know that when their children go to school in the morning, they will still be able to return home at the end of the day? And what about everyone’s right to gather with friends in groups in a park, celebrating the holidays? People’s rights to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness are more important and precede the right to bare arms. The Republican Party needs to face up to the real issues.

Republican legislators are insisting that the rights of a fetus begin with fertilization of an egg by a sperm. How are they going to determine this? Will they require every woman in their state to submit menstrual timetables? Will they prevent women from travelling women into states that allow abortions? These policies will make abortion once again into a criminal act. When abortions were criminalized, many women perished in back-room jobs.

And now, in the few days following this decision by the Supreme Court, the country has been mired in so many court cases against this ruling, that judges are insisting the whole implementation of this decision be slowed down.

And then, another event of great significance: The number of men wanting vasectomies has skyrocketed, men saying that this decision has made them seek this form of contraception for themselves. What will the Supreme Court do if it banishes all forms of contraception? Let the men get involved with these issues at every level of society. The arrival of another child to have to support is men’s issues as well as women’s.

4. The Supreme Court, in overturning Roe vs Wade, a purely political decision on their part.

They are completely indifferent to the state of modern America. We are no longer a country run by white Protestant males, preferably rich. We are a country of all religious persuasions, vote genders, and indeed many interpretations of gender, of young people and old, rich and poor, and people of every color, not simply white but brown, black, yellow and red, with a whole lot of mixes in between.

We are also a country where the incredible achievements and contributions to society by women over the years have been absolutely phenomenal.

And now, something needs to be said about women. The determination of Republican judges to return to a time when women had no rights whatsoever, because they were not persons, is a blatant attempt for males to turn women back into the property of males.

Women were not allowed to vote because women were not persons, only persons could vote. And only men were persons. Many women do not realize what the suffragists endured on behalf of all of us. They simply showed up at the polling stations and demanded the right to vote, and everything short of murder was done to them. Even a great many women were against them.

And then, many people predicted that it wouldn’t make any difference anyhow women would vote like the men. For a while, that was true. And then, Republicans began to make their usual claims: Telling women what they could and could not do at that point they began to be voted out of office. And women began taking back their unique power as women, with their own ideas, women’s point of view.

Women are all over the map these days. We have only just emerged into public presence, into positions of power and authority.

There are still many women who think their task is to be some kind of fertility goddess, with many children. There are many women who think it is great to have some he-man throw them around and boss them. There are many women ignorant of their history, and with the men would turn back the clock. There are many women trying to deny the rights and women to self-determination everywhere.

America is a young country, it has been in the grip of the masculine impulse and males from the very beginning: Conqueror the wilderness, conqueror the Native People, conqueror the world economy and so on. Add to this: And keep women in their place.

Women have had an up-heel struggle in America. Hilary remarked on the difference between her experience at Radcliff where women wanted to discuss ideas in a free give and take with other women. And then, in the modern political scene, the men did not hear her ideas, instead they criticized her hairdo, her clothes, and many other personal attributes as well, fully insulting.

And her problem was often other women. One of her critics said, “there are men’s work and women’s work, being the President of America is a man’s work, not for women.” And other women criticized her as being too intelligent, or too confident in herself, and so on.

There was a documentary film in 2012 about women, interviewing many women of political authority and achievements in other disciplines as well. They revealed that their greatest problems came from other women, not the men. I have worked out my ideas in friendship with both men and women, but my own experience is that unsupportive women, coming from some form of “envidia or ressentiment,” have been far worse than any of my male critics.

But at this point in our history, women everywhere are waking up taking back their power and coming out of the woodwork, to claim their validity, their truth, and their rights and freedoms under the constitution.

Women are becoming a revolutionary force everywhere.

The Supreme Court at this point is blatantly political. It is also misogynist. Let’s us remember a few facts. In their confirmation hearings for both Clarence Thomas and Brett Kavanaugh women came forward with serious allegations about their sexual harassment by these two men. No doubt at this point it is with great glee and smirking faces that both of them can have their revenge. And a great many males all across America have similar stories of their backgrounds. It is wake up time not just for the women, but for men as well.

Up until now women have taken this treatment as just part of living in a male dominated world. What is new at this point, is that women are not going to take it any longer. One male author has observed this ruling as the attempt to enshrine male dominance in the constitution.

Women are everywhere in different stages of awakening. Some women want to embody the old role, as the wives and bearers of men’s children. Some women want children, other women do not want children. Some women want to balance a career along with raising a family, other women want to enter disciplines like physicians, cardiologists, neuroscientists, fields traditionally dominated by men. Some women want to follow the path of academia, others desire a path of art.

Abortion is a woman’s issue. Women seek abortions for a variety of different reasons, and if one woman thinks that any and all abortions should have no business imposing their beliefs on other women.

Women are everywhere these days, from the ministry to the military, and in many countries, women hold high political office. In fact, the countries that did best with the pandemic are those whose leaders are women. Because women understand caring for children and for aging parents, they simply transferred their skills to the greater field.

Women are stepping out of the shades and shadows and into history everywhere. But this truth has not yet showed up in the Congress. In their hearings both men said, they would uphold Roe vs. Wade. There are women who would impose their own convictions about abortion and contraception on other women. The “Republican wives” in the Congress are not making any fuss about this decision.

As Susan Collins put it: I am very disappointed, the justices misrepresented themselves. Now isn’t that nice. Susan Collins should be enraged, and make her rage felt by all of the men in her male dominated party. The Republican Party appears to be a party of lies at this point, directed either inwardly or outward.

And in the face of this blatant attempt to force women back into the dark ages, the Republicans have shot their wad.

5. America is in chaos, not being able to phantom at this point what all of this means. A ban on contraception? Evolution not taught in school? Our private lives interfered with at every level? Women under constant surveillance? And the repeal of other civil liberties as well?

Do the American people really want every detail of their private lives open to government scrutiny?

The resemblance to Putin is quite amazing. There are Republicans who envy Putin, who want to install an authoritarian government by some rich white male, a Republican regime imposed on everyone by a small lunatic fraction of the Republican Party, hold position of power, at every level, with control over the lives of every aspect of its citizens.

In short, a police state imposed on everyone. Police states are the extreme form of the male principle, and they run and rule by fear. When people are in fear, they turn to the far right, to some great he-man who will solve problems for them. When Trump was elected, many countries around the world put in far-right governments in the hope of solving their problems.

But the deeper issue now is that such leaders made things worse, and there is now a grassroots uprising of people everywhere against governments who do not serve them.
We are finally beginning to overcome our fears, and to get beyond the need for police states and for control, and people are beginning to take back their own power and look for leaders who can cope with the many crises’ we are in.

Is this what the American people really want, a police state?

Putin claims to be recreating the Russia of the 12th century, a flourishing Russian Empire. The Republicans are attempting to realize their own version of utopia. Not in terms of the realities of the modern world, but something in place back in about 1868, when white Protestant males were the dominant power keeping a tight rein on the control of everyone else.

Republicans admire Putin, they want to impose an authoritarian leader in America who will give them a place at the top, highly paid, to rule over a mass of faceless subjects who will do whatever they say. The problem of course with America, is there is no large mass of faceless subjects, we are all highly vocal, and are not being controlled by such rich despots.

Is this what the American people want?

Here is the Republican dream, a Supreme Court stacked with Republican judges who will put in place all that the Republican Party has ever wanted to do. Here is the full expression of the Republican dream, and the dream of Mitch McConnell and his likes.

The Republican Party is based in fear, it runs and rules with fear. This is a blatant effort to divide Americans from one another, that is how fear works. Fear works by putting people against one another, Whites against Blacks, men against women. This is not what these times in our history are really about, we are all about us. About becoming a “we” and this attempt of the Republican Party to run and rule by fear will not work.

I predict: Sow the winds, reap the whirlwind.

For neither women, nor the greater American reality, of so many different and diverse religions and people are not going to accept it. Either the Supreme Court will simply become irrelevant, or swamped with so many court challenges, they cannot hear any of them. At that point, the Republican Supreme Court will realize they are outnumbered, they will resign, pick up their papers and go home.

6. We are in a moment of truth that is absolute, and what the Republican Party is now doing is revealing openly, with great confidence and glee, what it has all along been trying to achieve in hidden ways.

The great Republican dream is open before us, and the cunning and conniving at the many levels of the Republican Party, is now transparent. We can all see just what their game is all about. And so, the question for everyone: What are we going to do about it?

My confidence and my hope are that what is really at stake in all of this are ideas.
Ideas about women, rights, minorities, democracies, the Earth and our connections or lack of connections with her, at the heart of the modern world are ideas.

The true meaning of male domination has been that the men gave the answers. That men have given the answers and they continue to give the answers. All of these answers to the great questions have been given by men. As Liz Cheney put it, speaking to young women: The men have given the answers, and they have not been kind to women. And now the women are here, and we will make the difference.

How can we make the difference? The male impulse tends to be all about conqueror and subdue, fear lies and control, death and destruction everywhere.

This is not really our impulse. We are all about the Love orientation, accepting and affirming, nurturing and caring, Earth sensitive and Earth connection, a felt sense for the sacredness of all life in all of its many forms. We have a deep sense of the truth of the Earth, and this is just exactly what the human race needs right now.

It is women’s time and women’s turn. And women need to give the answers. The old male answers have run their course, they have brought us to the brink of our own extinction, and they need to change.

The problems of civilization owe to the fact that is it primarily an elaboration by the male mind, embodying typically male ideas. Money can always be found for making wars, not for social programs, or helping people. In 2004, the physicist Roger Penrose in his massive work The Road to Reality, claimed that the whole of science has missed it, has failed to find the road to reality and at this point does not even know what physical reality really is.

In a nutshell, the men have missed it, have failed to find the road to reality. And now, women need to give the answers. All of the new ideas the planet needs are coming in with the women: Partnership not ownership, going beyond the discreet separate and disconnected into a greater Oneness, cooperation not competition, Love and Truth over fear lies and control, kindness over cruelty. A willingness to hear and to heal, acceptance and affirming of everyone, right relationship to the Earth.
The men need to return to the drawing board and rethink themselves and their own divinity from the ground up, not as “we are the lords and masters of the planet, the Earth must do as we say.” But in terms of absolute dependence on the health of the planet. And they need to make a space for the women, and the new answers that the whole world is now waiting for.

Part B

1. All of this chaos are the signs of an old civilization in decay, that have now run its course.

We are in transition to a new world based on Love and Truth, an Earth honored and cared for, a world in which every being, not just men, women, and children, but every being on the planet, every earthworm and field mouse, every fruit and flowering tree, every animal who shares the planet with us, everyone and everything belongs. And we need to rethink ourselves in terms of our connection and connectedness with all other beings who share the planet with us and has the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

And the women need to go on working out their own truth, their own ideas, at a breathtaking new frontier in the whole of our history.

The men have missed it, have failed to find the road to reality. The women are the greatest hope for the planet.

The women’s movement had a slogan: Women’s rights are people’s rights, and they are also Earth rights.

It is time to make all of our ideas universal. The Earth has rights, and because the Earth is our life support system, her rights precede our own.

It is time for everyone to go far beyond the now ambitions of a few insane Republicans, mainly male. And to turn our attention to the universal realization of the rights of everyone and the rights of the Earth herself. That respect for life must be total.

2. My hope for the planet is in the ideas.

And if the American people realize the narrow framework being imposed upon them by a Supreme Court out of touch with the changing realities in which we now live, the awakening that we are all waiting for and are here for, can happen.

We need a higher perspective on ourselves. The Earth population is now at 8 billion, out of balance and relationship to the needs of every other species. We do not need to be adding more human beings to the problem, we need to start caring for those already here. And bringing our vast numbers into sync with the limits of a small living planet that has limits.

Large families made sense when we were all agrarian, where children could help with the farming. But now, when another child shows up in a large family, it simply means there is less food to go around.

And then, virtually all human economies are based on the destruction of the Earth. We see the Earth as an endless supply of consumer items, “it was all made for us to do with whatever we like.” And so, we have already hounded millions of species into extinction. Many scientists believe we will cause an extinction of life forms as great as that which went with dinosaurs when 97% of all living species disappeared. Then it was due to an asteroid, now because of an idiot. And all of those disappearing species are vital links in our own food chains.

We are in a crisis with the planet so great we can hardly get our minds around it. We are virtually destroying our life support systems, and all of the destruction owes to human arrogance and human ignorance. And now we need to do something about ourselves.

And then the problem of global warming. This is the most serious issue of all, life can only survive and flourish in a very small temperature range. Environmentalists have been predicting for years that we would come into a crisis point with the heating up of the planet, and almost every week new reports are coming out about the dangers of increasing the temperature by even a fraction of a degree.

Very few people realize what is happening with “global warming, climate change,” but now we are already seeing the effects of rising temperatures in the Mid-East, India, Bangladesh, on human populations. These great storms are increasing, sea waters are warming and rising, ecosystems are collapsing everywhere. We have wreaked such destruction on the planet that we can hardly get our minds around it. Many countries will be so hot as to be unlivable, environmental refugees are now showing up everywhere, the Earth is changing so quickly, we no longer recognize the planet as we knew it.

In fact, the whole system is crashing. We are being catapulted into a new Reality picture, because our thought traditions, elaborated by the male mind have run their course and new ideas must be found. And I claim that all of the new ideas about the Earth, the economy and so on are coming in with the women.

Women need to give the answers. It is woman’s time here, time for women to heal to create to teach to lead and to write the symphonies.

Women have long been identified with the Earth, and shared her fate, both to be trampled underfoot as men have seen fit to do. And this Supreme Court ruling is just a last-ditch effort of the male impulse to hold women back. Their answer to the crises’ we are in is to try to control women, put them back into their old roles, deny their voices, their truth and their validity.

This is just a blatant effort by the Republicans to divide the country by appealing to the worse aspects of America and the American psyche. To make political hay out of the deep strands of anti-Black and anti-Women, that lace our society at every level. They are trying to inflame the passions of fear and contempt of Blacks and People of Color. They are trying to inflame the passions of fear and contempt of Women. What a cheap shot! The Republican Party has really turned into the lowest of the low. They are preying on the fear orientation, in a last-ditch effort to keep control, and to deflect attention away from the political woes now facing their party. Their hero is losing ground and they have lost their barring’s. They are trying to divert attention from the fact that they have no policies to offer the American people to enable us to cope with the monumental challenges we are now facing. Instead, they blame the Democrats for the chaos we are now in, but they have no answers about what to do.

And now, what is really unsettling everyone are the new feminine energies coming into the earth plane. Even long ago, the prophets and seers have predicted that the Aquarian Age would be about the feminine energy, and the reappearance of the feminine in history. The Piscean Age of great male thinkers has run its course, the Aquarian Age is coming in with new impulses values and ideas.

The Aquarian Age is to be about the feminine, and we are in it. This is the true reality, the incoming feminine energy, that is unsettling everyone.

We have to build and rebuild our systems of life on new fundamental terms, terms that honor the Earth first and foremost. Our problems are now so great that leaders all over the world need to cooperate, and the political leaders in America need to work out new answers.

3. And now, present tense and the issues that are troubling all of us, the economy.

Biden is low in the polls for his handling of the economy. Americans are trying to blame their economic issues on Biden. Republicans are pretending that Democrats are causing inflation, shifting markets, changing wages, and so on.

The economy is not just in trouble in America, it is worldwide. And people in other countries are faring far worse than we are, even higher gas prices, scarcity of food and clothing, major changes at every level of our lives in what we spend money on.

The crashing of the economy really started with the virus and the pandemic, people unable to work, factories closing, lockdown. It goes back to the virus, that a small molecule that was able to bring virtually the whole of the Earth economy to a standstill. But the virus is an expression of the deeper truth, our total malpractice towards the Earth. Virtually all human economies are based on the destruction of the Earth, as is capitalism itself. This is a global problem. And we are at a place in our history where we can foresee if we do not change our ways, our own extinction.

The whole economy is crashing everywhere, in order that we can now rebuild with new basic terms and first principles. We need radical new answers.

What do the Republicans have to offer? Same old thing, only more so. Tax breaks and financial incentives for the rich, trickledown economics will take care of everyone else. What Biden is doing is shifting the whole emphasis and reference point away from the rich, as he put it “to give the poor and the middle class a fighting chance.”

Biden is very much in the Love orientation that is coming into history right now, and he cares about people. His reasoning is very clear. Trickledown economics is really a theory proposed by the rich as a way to redistribute the wealth of society: Reward the rich with tax breaks and other incentives and they will reinvest the money in the economy, providing livelihoods for everyone else.

But this does not work. Wealthy CEO’s use the funds to increase their already obscene salaries or buy back their shares. And then, many of the rich take their vast fortunes out of the country and hide them in foreign bank accounts where they do not even have to pay taxes on them. They make very little contribution to the American people at home.

And so, Biden’s answer: I am a capitalist, and capitalism needs to change. Biden is basing a new economy on a simple and true principle: Everyone, rich and poor need a healthy society, we are all connected, we are connected with one another and with the Earth. We all need one another, everyone in society, every role is valid and has a place. And therefore, every one of us has the right to life liberty and pursuit of happiness.

And so, a new principle of solidarity based on this truth: Everyone belongs, those who earn more, pay more. This is modern version of a sound principle that got into the wrong hands and never tried: From everyone according to their wealth and to everyone according to their needs.

And the whole of Biden’s radical shift in the economy is based on one precept: The rich are going to start paying their fair share. In a nutshell: The country is practically bankrupt right now because the rich have never paid their fair share. And so, he proposes taxing the rich and rich corporations, offering many forms of financial assistance for everyone else in society.

At this point, the Republicans need to adopt his proposals, endorsed by many leading economists. They need to work with the Democrats to implement these new and very radical ideas. These ideas will reshape the financial systems of the entire world and put into place the nuts and bolts of a new system, a whole new economy, based on Love and Truth. The truth that the Earth is primary, that every individual matters and is entitled to the full support of our society.

This is the new way forward. Now let us be clear. When Mario Cuomo Governor of New York was asked what the best defense against terrorism was, he answered: There is no defense against terrorism. As long as there are the rich and the poor, the haves and the have nots, there will be terrorism. The only defense against terrorism is a more content world.

There is a fury in the world at large, and it ultimately owes to these great disparities, between the haves and have nots, the rich and the poor, men and women, Blacks and Whites, and so on.

The far-right and the far-left are not mirror images of one another. The far-right has no interest in democracy. As one of Trump’s supporters put it: We do not care about the election, he is our President. The far-right believes in violence, the overthrow of the government to put in their own authoritarian leader. The far left declared by Trump to want to destroy democracy completely, is all about redistributing the wealth. They believe that everyone has the right to the wealth of a society and want to distribute money to the poor and the middle class.

But both the far-right and the far-left are people marginalized by the system. They have been marginalized by capitalism. I know of no Republican programs that put money into Trump’s base and his far-right support system.

The only solution to the far-left and the far-right is Biden’s financial policies. This is the only solution to the world’s problems, and it is so simple: The rich are now going to pay their fair share.

Biden’s economic proposals are the only solution to the problems with the economy in both America and the rest of the world. People need to realize this and get behind him, including his own party. His greatest criticisms are coming from the Democrats themselves. There are rumors that they are complaining about his leadership, and proposing they have some other leader 2024, and so on. They are looking for some charismatic personality who will inspire and unite the Democratic Party.

Most democrats have no grasp of where we are in our history. Biden is a facilitator, he has the ideas, and he is setting about the only way, all be it hidden from the public, to put these ideas into law. The leadership we need is the leadership of right ideas, and Biden has them, and has surrounded himself with competent people who share his understanding, who know what needs to happen and are doing it. It is time for every single democrat to claim their own personal responsibility and make themselves into the kind of leaders they are looking for. Find their own moral outrageous for Republican policies and express it.

Kamala Harris is proposing to put the existence of the Supreme Court on the ballot. Democrats need to realize that they have a leader who knows what has to happen and get behind him.

And now, people in his own party are the problem, holding back the welfare of the greater America because of their own personal financial prosperity. Biden’s tax reform bill is exactly what we need, democrats have been working on it for some time with agreement emerging on its form, and now quite suddenly Joe Manchin has said he will not support any tax reform, any attempts to raise funds by taxing the rich. Everyone is dismayed by this, since he had appeared to be one side all along, and at the last moment changed his mind.

When you want to understand Senator’s voting practices, take a look at their funding sources. Manchin and his family are pulling in millions from an economy based on coal. He has been bought by certain corporations, that are opposed to Biden’s moves, and tell Manchin exactly what he is to say, they put words into his mouth.

He is a blatant example of someone unable to put the good of the whole country ahead of his financial interests, his sponsors in the corporate world. This is very like Trump, unable to put his lust for personal power ahead of the integrity of democracy itself.

Somehow, we have to find some way of not being run and ruled by the greed of certain individuals, we have to get a higher perspective on what is really needed, so that everyone can realize it.

That includes the democrats themselves. They need to realize that Biden is exactly the right leader for these times and stop complaining.

And so, Biden has just returned from his visit to Saudi Arabia. His visit with the Crown Prince began with his own closed fist meeting the closed fist of the prince, the way many Eastern Countries have coped with COVID, rather than shaking hands. The photo went around the world immediately because of what it symbolizes. Two leaders from antagonistic countries meeting not with raised fists against one another, but a gesture of friendship.
The world was inspired by photo, needless to say probably, Biden is getting much criticism at home.

Biden was over there to meet with the oil cartel, to open channels for Europe and other countries. And he also pledged financial support “food security,” since many Mideast countries and Africa as well, who imported wheat from the Ukraine, are now facing famine.

And this is the great question of global warming: Will we help? All we can do is to cope with the fallout of climate change, shortage of water, people on the move, environmental refugees everywhere. The only question is: Will we help? And will this be our finest hour, or our most depraved?

The hope for Biden’s leadership at this point, is that everywhere he goes, other countries know that he is there to help. This is what has made American democracy such a beacon of hope in the past, and it is appropriate for America now.

Part C

1. And so, wither the Republican Party?

The Republican Party is in retrograde. They need to set aside their political ambitions and differences, stop blocking every bill the Democrats propose, and begin working with Biden and the Democrats along the lines Biden is proposing. There is no other option available for them. The Republican Party needs to get out of Biden’s way.

2. And so the highest perspective of all is; where we are in our history: This great shift from fear and into the Love orientation, leaving behind us centuries run and ruled by fear, to move into the new Love orientation of these times.

And what lies ahead of us? Where is all of this leading us? Into a planet completely run and ruled by the Love orientation. We are leaving behind us centuries run and ruled by fear, to move into a world run by Love. Why is this so difficult? Why is there so much chaos everywhere?

Because of the magnitude of the shift, we are now making in the world at large, and in our own souls. We have all been run by fear for so long, that this shift feels so major, we don’t know what it really means. Or what a world based on Love would really look like.

The chaos is coming because of the fear, and the fear orientation, and the struggles of everyone to move into this new orientation of Love.

3. We are looking at billows of black smoke, but this smoke is really coming from a fire of transforming energy.
The smoke represents fear and chaos, but deep within it a transformation is happening. And as this transformation becomes more and more visible to everyone, the black clouds of smoke will vanish. And so, here are some ideas about how to cope.

Know that something positive is taking place and look to see what you can be thankful for, what you have gratitude for, and what is working for you already. When fear comes in the night, try to get into present time. The heart lives in present time. Open your eyes, let in the light, connect with the physical world right around you.

And then, most cities have crisis lines available. If you are alone and anxious, call a crisis line to simply talk to a living voice.

Connect with friends.

It also helps to have something like Rescue Remedy, available from any health food store, to contend with your own emotions, Rescue Remedy has a way of helping people settle down.

Spend time in nature, nature heals and nature grounds us, it is at the very heart of our life support system. And find out the source of your own soul’s nourishment. Individuals grow from finding their souls nourishment not in the tiny well of the particular, but in the great ocean of the universal. They take their little buckets to that great ocean, and dip them into it to draw up whatever strength they need. Find what supports and nourishes you. These are demanding times in which to be alive, and be clear, be honest about what you really need.

And remind you that this moment in our evolution, is also a revolution, among all of our different attitude’s ways of thought and values. And that the best minds on the Earth plane are trying to work out solutions.

Spirit has not deserted us, Spirit is doing something completely new in our history, and gradually the new framework of ideas we most urgently need now, will become clear.

4. And now, the Supreme Court and the Environmental Protection Agency.

The Environmental Protection Agency was our first Earth centered political policy. Obama put in many Earth saving principles. Trump has virtually gutted all of its power, and now the Supreme Court is claiming this Earth saving body does not have the power to control emissions or to make other decisions about practices that need to be put into the planet.

The Republican Party is in deep trouble. They elected Trump because they were convinced, he would realize their agenda, but gradually they abandoned their policies, and turned themselves into “the party of Donald Trump.” They never dared criticize any of his outrageous views. They knew if they did, Trump would insult them, and they would lose the support of Trump’s base. They sold their souls to Trump, giving away all of their power to him.

The Republicans sold their souls to Trump, and he turned them into slaves.

And so, the election. Even before the election Trump was saying to his followers: If I lose, it is because the election is rigged.

And so, the American people elected Biden to be the next President, and immediately after the election, Trump and his cronies began looking for ways to overturn it. They claimed that it was fraud, they claimed that the election was stolen from Trump.
They tried every legal and illegal means to change the vote.

And then January 6th happened. A mob of Trump’s supporters invaded the Capitol, in a blatant attempt to create a coup.

If the American people thought that Trump and his Republicans were interested in democracy, the mob at the Capitol should have changed their minds.

And so, almost immediately the Republican Party made itself into the party of Donald Trump, and completely bought into his conviction that the election was stolen from him. In other words, the big lie. They made themselves into the party of the big lie. And they set about unifying the party, and consolidating their connection with Trump, by criticizing and dismissing Republicans like Liz Cheney and other upholders of the constitution. In order to be a member of the Republican Party, you had to embrace the “big lie.” That is all that made one a Republican, uniting all Republicans.

And then these hearings. They have tried to whitewash events of January 6, just another group of tourists visiting the Capitol.

And so, now what? The commission is investigating the events of those times. Republicans called it a witch hunt, a hoax by Democrats, they predicted that Americans would not even watch the hearings. They insisted that the Democrats move on.

But what is now emerging as the Americans are glued to their TV sets, is that they want the truth. After years of being ruled by lies, people want the truth. And the only way to put the events of January 6 and everything that led up to it and followed from it behind us, is to know exactly took place.

And so, the American people heard testimonies from most of the Senior members of Trump’s team that there was no election fraud whatsoever. Every claim Trump made was not substantiated. It was a fair and safe election. The election was not stolen from Trump, Biden was fairly elected, and Trump lost the election.

All of the testimonies the American people are hearing, have been given by Republicans. Trump’s election team wanted to see him reelected, they supported him completely. When he began using criminal thinking to overturn the election and hang on to power, they would not follow him. They knew the election was fair and that Trump needed to make a peaceful transfer of power to Biden.

And so, now what? Top Republicans are saying there was no big lie (the true big lie is Trump’s claim that he won the election), there was no fraud and Biden is the true President.

Okay, so here are the Republicans present tense. They united themselves by claiming the election was stolen and blocking anything the Democrats tried to do.

And so here they are without their noble leader, so busy supporting him in his lies, they have never taken any time to develop policies to answer the needs of the American people, how to reshape the economy, deal with inflation, deal with climate change.

All they had poor dears was Trump, and Trump is disappearing into the shadows and shades of history.

We are looking at what may well be the self-destruction of the Republican Party. The party of Liz Cheney is not the party of Mitch McConnell. A great many other Republicans as well have also been distancing themselves from Trump. But their complete platform and program is seriously weakened, and in fact, the entire Republican Party could well collapse.

Their hero is fading from view, they are simply using especially these issues of Roe vs Wade as a distraction from the deeper problems. And they must think that we are all as stupid as they are. This is the last straw for a great many American people, it is cynically done, and it may backfire and do them in.

And as I write this day, the incredible events described by these hearings continue to engage everyone.

At this point we need new creative solutions. And indeed, the new ideas are everywhere. The truly creative ideas are those being put forth by the Democrats, but they are not coming from the Democrats, they are everywhere in the world these days, and they are coming through the Democrats. The Republicans should feel a great sigh of relief that Trump can no longer enslave them and welcome this opportunity to think about the issues now facing us.

The Republicans need to join with everyone else, not looking to the distant past, but into the future. In a nutshell: Participate or perish, partnership or perish. And they need to remember that our elected officials are not there to make money for themselves, with all their little perks and privileges, our elected reps are there to serve us. Governments are put in place to serve the people. Now there is an outrageous thought!

The Republicans need to welcome their freedom from having to please Trump and begin doing some truly creative, thinking on their own.

My hope for the world is that people want the truth. Truth is bedrock for the human race. And after these years of lies, we are ready for a change. Spring winds are blowing everywhere, of the normal moment of our own evolution, about waking up, and letting in the light.

We live in scriptural times, when what is said in the dark is being heard in the light.

The ones you looked down upon are sent to renew you.

The last shall be first, and the first last.

The stone rejected by the builders is now the cornerstone.

And so, back to basics.

We have never gotten the Earth right.

As I write, the temperatures in the Artic are in the 90’s, Europe is going into drought everywhere, fires burning out of control everywhere. In America, Oklahoma, Texas, and California are experiencing severe heat and fires also. And now, even in Death Valley, that has always had high temperatures, even the oldest trees on the planet, the Thistle Cone Pine, are in trouble. These trees go back 4,800 years, their rings show the changing history between then and now. Periodic droughts, ice ages, species appearing and disappearing, volcanic activity, and so on. But gradually as the planet has warmed, their defenses against the bark beetle have diminished, and their resistance to the present changes is diminishing, to the point where they may well not survive.

Commentators are now referring to “human induced climate change, human induced global warming.” These terms are finally admitted the sources of our problems. Throughout the Trump regime, this truth has been consistently denied, “global warming is a democrat hoax.” There is nothing wrong, it is all about business as usual. And Trump rolled back many of the policies that came in under Obama for dealing with global warming.

And so, the crisis’ we are now in owe to us. We have met the problem, and the problem is ourselves. And our consist failure to do anything about it over the years, has set back our ability to turn it all around, for centuries to come.

We are in deep trouble with the planet and with it everything else, all of the crisis’ unfolding before us because we have never gotten the Earth right. The Earth is our life support system, the true foundation for the whole of civilization, the very center of our lives, and so when we get the Earth wrong, we get virtually everything else wrong as well.

Every crisis we are now in owes to the fact that we never got the Earth right, and all of our answers, all systems of thought, embody false ideas about the Earth, Ourselves, what we are all here for, who matters and who does not, and so on.

In a nutshell: The problems we have created for the Earth and ourselves, owe to ideas. And so, we need to rethink ourselves from the ground up.

And the hope for the Earth plane is new ideas. These new ideas are in fact coming in everywhere.

And so, I will try to make sense out some of them, and to put the story together.

Here are some of the new ideas in the modern world that represent the growth impulse, the impulses of Truth and of Love, now flowing into every aspect of the modern world and everywhere.

And so, I end this work, with an invitation to the Republicans, with a quote from Leonard Cohen, a Canadian: Lift me with your olive branch, be my homeward dove, and dance me to the end of love.

And so, I am going to begin with the deepest truth of who we really are, the truth of human identity, who we really are and what we are here for.

If we knew who we were, we would know how to live.

And so, stay tuned!