March 30, 2022

I begin with Joe Biden; his simple nine words have gone planet wide—for God’s sake this man cannot remain in power.

Millions of people heard these words, they know what they mean, and the sentiment is shared.  His Whitehouse aides do the world no favor in trying to whitewash them, explaining that they are not a call to regime change or assassination.  Indeed, Biden had already placed responsibility for Putin in the hands of the Russian people.

These words were an expression of moral outrage, similar to those of Pope Francis to Putin:  In the name of God stop.

But they hold a far deeper meaning, and endings, like the end of his talk, often herald a new Beginning and we can all sense something much greater and much deeper waiting in the wings.

These words express condemnation for Putin, and for this kind of male brutality, they express a resolve to move beyond “the old stuff,” the kind of male impulse that has run and ruled the world for so long.

They express the sense we all have that something new is beginning, that we must leave behind us old ways of thinking and being, represented by Putin, of going back down through the centuries.

Something completely new is now taking place.

And so, I return to the women.  The problems of the world are so clearly gender based that it is remarkable that no one has ever noticed this.

And now I tell you something about our history that most people do not realize.

Long ago, at the dawn of recent history when the men took over, they edited women out of the discussion.  Women, women’s unique perspective bound up with the giving, the nurturing and caring for life were edited out of the discussion at the start.  Despised put down and dismissed, rejected, like Einstein’s thesis in physics, as “fanciful and irrelevant.”

At that point, women became the property of men to be told their nature and their place by men and what they could and could not do, and in many places in the world they still are, treating worse than the cattle.

Women cannot read their history and not be enraged by it, what men have said about women and what men have done to women, that could never be challenged or confronted, speak up and you were put to death.  9 million women –some say a conservative estimate—burned at the stake.  We all carry within us these old roles in which we are now extricating ourselves.

And the hope for the world is that young men of today are just as appalled by our history as the women are.

There is not a woman writing today who cannot smell over her left shoulder the fires of the inquisition.

Women have long been identified with the Earth and shared her fate.  Both trampled underfoot as men has seen fit to do.  And now, sow the wind reap the whirlwind, for once again after a long eclipse and defying all of the odds, the women are here, and we will make the difference.

Everywhere on the planet, women are emerging out of the shades and shadows and into the light of this historical day.  Women are entering every profession, every form of work, writing speaking out, bringing their own unique perspective, to bare on the problems we must now face.  In particular, our Earth connection.

After Einstein’s thesis in physics was rejected, he went on to revolutionize physics itself.  And so, the women, the missing half of the human race, will revolutionize our world.

The Dahlia Llama calls women to be leaders because they have “greater empathy.”  And he predicts that when women are leaders, the violence in the world will end.

And he goes on to say:  The world will be saved by Western woman.

Women are already bringing in their leadership skills.  The countries that have fared best with the pandemic are those where women are leaders.  Why is this so?  Because women know how to take care of people.  They care for their families and for aging parents.  They simply transfer their abilities to the wider world.

The callous and cruelty of the modern world owes to a single source, the male domination that has been in place for a few thousand years.  And now, a whole new impulse is entering into history with the women.

When men edited women out of history, they edited the Feminine Principle out of history also.  We come out of a long run sided rule by the masculine principle, out of all relationship or balance with the Feminine.

And what is really happening in the modern world, is the reappearance of the whole feminine principle itself.  Why will women make the difference?

The world has long been run by “conquer and subdue, fear lies and control, death destruction to all.”

This is not our principle.  We are all about the Love orientation:  Accepting and affirming, nurturing and caring, Earth honoring and Earth sensitive, with a felt sense for the sacredness of all life in all of its many forms.  And if there is a single reason the human race has made such a mess of things it is because the voice of women was silenced at the very beginning.

And now the women are here, finally just in time, the women are here, and we will make the difference.

The women had something right.  When the Goddess presided here, societies were happy and harmonious, peaceful and healthy, and the Earth was not degraded.

The wholesale destruction of the planet came in with the patriarchies, the forests around the Mediterranean was gone by Plato’s time just over two thousand years ago and the destruction has escalated ever since.  Thanks to the industrial revolution and its production of technologies that are now overwhelming the planet.  Huge machines clear cut the forest; enormous factory ships vacuum sweep the seas.  Our technologies are destroying the Earth, along with ourselves.

The contrast is stark.  When women “hold” the planet societies are happy and peaceful, harmonious and healthy and the Earth is not degraded.

When men control the planet, it is just the opposite:  Everything out of balance.  Over population, degradation of the Earth, drought and famine, disease, unending war, misery and suffering everywhere, our deeply sick death centered world.   When men edited women out of history, they turned the planet into the vail of tears that it now is.

And so, the best news of the modern is that women are here.  We bring with us a deep understanding of the Earth, of our connection with the Earth and with one another.  We bring with us new ways of knowing, of understanding, new words of life and hope.  New ideas.

The virus is a  wakeup call, a perfect expression of human malpractice toward the planet.  And thanks to lockdown, the human race is beginning to rethink itself.  The crisis on the planet is a call for new practices and new ideas.  What is real on the planet is not the banks the corporations and the governments it is the Biosphere.  We have never understood the Biosphere, and now we must.

Virtually all human economies are based on the destruction of the Earth.

My reason for hope is that in fact, we are in a revolution, a revolution greater than the Copernican revolution in science, the French Revolution or the American Revolution.

We are in a revolution from fear into the Love orientation, called to take a giant step in our own evolution.

Thinking men and women throughout the ages have dreamed of the moment when the human race would be able to harness the power of Love.  If we can finally bring Love here and start helping the Earth rather than destroying her, it will owe in large measure to the reappearance of women in history, and the reappearance of the Feminine Principle itself.

And if the human race can pull it off, and bring Love here, maybe our vast numbers now at almost 8 billion, may not matter.  If we can start “doing the right thing” for the Earth, and one another, the whole cast of civilization can change.

We are really in the birth of a new civilization.  We are leaving behind us centuries ruled by male dominance, fear lies and control, embodied by Putin for a new civilization based on Love and Truth.

We are in fact in the birth of a new religion, the true religion that is Love, along with Love, Truth.  And Seth (Seth Speaks, by Jane Roberts) describes the birth of a new religion as comparable to the birth of a thousand suns, an event of major portions, life giving and soul nourishing transforming the world even as we speak.  Taking place at every level of our lives and the whole of the modern world itself.

Biden and Putin represent two very different kinds of men of male energy.  And two very different forms of leadership and two different forms of government.  One based on fear lies and control, the other on Love.

And now, the hope for the planet is the Reappearance of the Feminine in history, enabling men to develop their own feminine sides.  Also, enabling women to get in touch with their own masculine principle, get to our feet, take back the power we gave away for the protection of warlords so long ago, come up out of the shadows and shades of the past, bringing our deep wisdom, our knowing and our feminine vision into a world that has been up until now so run and ruled by death and destruction everywhere.

The human race has never gotten the Earth right, and now we must for the Earth is the true foundation of civilization itself.  It is time to get the Earth right, get ourselves right with the Earth and with one another.

We need new ideas, and we need them now, bringing in the Love orientation.  Every one of us every day is faced with the choice between the old ways of fear, clinging to these ways out of fear, and the new ways of Love coming in with great power and force, this most revolutionary moment in the whole of our history.

The male impulse has defined itself throughout history in terms of control, “we are the lords and masters of the planet, the Earth must do as we say.”  These great storms, these intense political events everywhere, this pandemic makes clear that we are not the lords and masters of the Earth.  The Earth is prior here, we are secondary.

This whole new civilization begins with getting the Earth right.

Here is the new fundamental term and true principle for civilization:  The Earth is our life support system.  She makes our lives possible around this small sun in the dark spaces around us.  The pretense that the Earth is simply consumer items, commodities and resources to be turned into money in the bank, is hiding from us the true reality.

We are completely dependent on the Earth for our very lives. We are destroying our own life support systems; every new term and fundamental principle must begin with the truth that Earth is our life support system.  This must be the basic term for modern world, civilization, and capitalism itself.  Every economy must be redesigned with this basic truth in mind.

Here are four new fundamental terms for this new civilization we are now in.

  1. The Earth is our life support system; we are totally dependent on the health of the Earth.
  1. Every being on the planet is connected with every other living being. The Earth consists of exquisite networks of interconnectedness interdependency interrelationship, a great oneness and one.  To harm one is to harm all.  Our technologies need to be developed with this truth in mind.
  1. We are also deeply connected with the Earth, and with one another. And so, everyone has a role to play, everyone matters, everyone belongs.
  1. Therefore everyone, and not simply rich white males, has the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We must now make this principle universal.  Every being on the Earth, every earthworm and field mouse, all of the animals, the plants and the trees also have the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

And so, the human race needs to redefine itself and our own divinity.

And so, men need to return to the drawing board and redefine their own divinity in terms of absolute dependency on the Earth for our very survival.  And now I say to women everywhere:  Long ago women’s energies were strong on the planet, women held property and high office, were symbolized by both the sun and the moon.  You are descended from a long line of sacred female beings honored and revered here for many thousands of years, remember and make it so.

Women need to reclaim their own power, their truth, their validity and bring into civilization fully the new ideas now showing up everywhere.

It is the emerging presence of women and of the feminine that now make this moment in our history with its incredible challenges a day of shining hope for us.

And there is a world to be born under our footsteps.