April 11, 2022

The carnage in Ukraine continues.  The horror stories are nothing new, they have prevailed here for thousands of years.

What is new is the reaction of the whole world now looking on.

We had forgotten the full horror story of war, and just how dreadful they really were and are.

What is new in the present situation is the condemnation of the world, a sign of just how far the human race has in fact moved into a whole new civilization based on Love, and on Truth.

  1. Now, where we are in our history.

We come at the end of a few thousand years of male domination, run and ruled by the masculine principle alone, with virtually no connection to the Feminine.

We come at the end of the male thought traditions, they have run their course, they brought us to the brink of our own extinction, and they are disintegrating all around us.

We come out of a long line of great male thinkers who elaborated many of the ideas embodied in our history, civilization itself, and now in the modern world.

We are in deep trouble with both the Earth and one another because the great thinkers never got the Earth right.  Civilization has never gotten the Earth right.  And now capitalism has never gotten the Earth right.

The great thinkers never got things right, they were unable to make the connection between the life of the mind and the life of the Earth.  They were out of relationship, relationship to the Earth, Women, and the Feminine Principle.  And they have bequeathed to us a world where all relationships are disordered, in particular our relationship to the Earth.

The Earth is the body of world’s Consciousness, and her disease and ravaged state shows how deeply sick that Consciousness really is.

They may have been geniuses, but they were sick geniuses, and young people these days in what is surely an instinct for health refuse to read them, “no white dead European males” preferring instead to read biographies and autobiographies of third world women.

We are living through the end of a long history of ideas that has played out across the centuries, has run its course, and is essentially over.  Energies great and full at the beginning, with Plato Aristotle and Christian thinkers have now grown thin and bare, stale and bureaucratic.

The callousness and the cruelty in the modern world owe to the male impulse, and the male thought traditions, no longer supported by the deepest impulses in the planet. They appear worse than ever because of the Love that is already here, coming in with the Feminine Principle, and with the Women, expressing itself now in the condemnation of the Russian invasion by the whole world.

There is a whole new impulse at work in history so that in our own times a body such as the United Nations could form and declare itself from the beginning:  We, the people of the United Nations are determined to save succeeding generations from the surge of war…

  1. The problems we are having go back to the very dawn of the male thought traditions. My take on things is that they ultimately owe to the fact that neither Plato or Aristotle got matter, or the Earth, right. For both of them, matter is something devoid of reason, mind, or in modern terms Consciousness. Matter was seen as pure potential, to be given form and shape by other causalities.  For Plato, matter is crafted into being with reference to certain eternal patterns, the Forms, actualized by a half god.

For Aristotle there were four causes, matter, then the formal cause, the efficient cause, and the final cause.

For Aristotle these four causes were deeply connected.

But across the years, something happened with the ancient vision of matter.  Early scientists reasoned that god was like a watch maker, the Earth was his watch, god is not in the watch, so we were free to explore it as we wished.

The form matter distinction of Aristotle laces history, and with Thomas Aquinas became an expression of this view of matter as something devoid of mind.  God and human beings had form, God was pure form human beings were composites of form and matter and everything else was matter.

Descartes inherited this tradition, and with a simple shift in terminology developed the whole scientific image of nature that underpins the modern world.  The form matter distinction became the Mind/Matter distinction and he fully spelled out the view of matter hidden, not fully explicit  from the beginning:  Matter is simply the weighable the measurable the extended in space and time utterly devoid of any inner life.  Of ideas, thoughts, or feelings.  Of Consciousness.

This view of matter underpins the whole of the modern world.  It underpins a false metaphysics, a false religion, and a scientific image of nature as something without Consciousness.  And now here we are in the modern world, reason destroying its own life support systems, a good definition of insanity.

A long history of ideas, a tradition of certain ideas has played out.  The male thought traditions have killed creation, first in concepts and now in the lived life.  It goes back to the convictions of the great philosophers that the Earth is something devoid of Consciousness.  Male thinking has killed the Earth, from the start, and the centuries have only increased the infinite ways in which the Earth has been killed at all levels and depths.

  1. The human race got the Earth wrong at the beginning. But the Earth is our life support system, the true foundation of civilization, the center of our lives and when you get the Earth wrong, you get everything else wrong as well. Down the road, it will lead to contempt for the Earth, the body, sex, and women.  And indeed, for life itself.

Most recently the male thought traditions belong to the Piscean Age.  And now,  the Piscean Age is over. The thought traditions of the Piscean Age have brought us to the brink of our own extinction, they are falling into disrepair around us.  The system is crashing at every level.  All of these environmental catastrophes, these great storms, these fires everywhere, are the expression of old ideas that have run their course.  They are put to flight by the impulses of the Aquarian Age coming in.

We are living through the end of one great Age and the dawning of another.  Such a time is always tumultuous, earthquakes and volcanos everywhere, major geological events.  And a great upheaval among ideas, the impulses that supported the Age that is ending no longer support, and new impulses are flowing in.  “The old stuff” is all suddenly much worse, as it were threatened and running scared because the new impulses no longer support it.

The Aquarian Age has been foreseen for a long time as the Reappearance of the Feminine in history.

We are really in a supreme moment of awakening.  The thought traditions began with false theories, but as these theories hardened into guiding terms, they became a tissue of lies.  The teachings of Jesus were falsified from the start.  Jesus taught reincarnation, the church claiming to teach in his name, repressed it.

Jesus was enamored of both women and the feminine, the church has done its best to bury both of them.  The whole of Western Christianity is based on the worship of a celibate male god.  What if Jesus was not celibate?  In fact, all the evidence now indicates that at the dawn of Christianity was a sacred partnership between Jesus and Mary Magdalene, broken by the church that turned the woman Jesus loved into a harlot and vilified her down through the ages.

Christianity and a male celibate (supposedly) priesthood have made much of the world sick about sex, and it began at the start.  The claim of the male religious mind is that “celibacy is the theologically preferred state.”  Well, it isn’t.  And when they had to admit these things, the sacred male priesthood, and much of the male establishment as well, would fall.

And St. Paul, formulating early church doctrine, began the long dumbing down of women.  In the early church women held senior positions and teaching posts.  With St. Paul, women were not allowed to teach or speak in the assembly, were to be given headship by men.  And so, St. Paul initiated the onslaught of male madness that men call “our history.”

And St. Paul defined the persona of holiness, standing at attention, eyes downcast.  St. Paul developed the Christian light side, turning us into good little Christian boys and girls.   God likes you to be good and only likes the good part of you and everything else is to be repressed.  And so, St. Paul began the long repression of the shadow side.

Jung gave us the idea of the shadow side.  Every human being has a shadow side composed of dark qualities they do not want to admit about themselves.  Instead, we project our shadow side all over someone else, who then becomes our enemy, and we make war on it out there.  This is how Jung accounts for evil.  The refusal to acknowledge our own dark qualities.

Civilizations also have a shadow side, the high culture of the West casts a long dark shadow, now erupting in the modern world.  Trump was a shining example of a white man’s shadow side turned inside out—racist, sexist, lying, insulting, imagined foes, promoting himself always to first place, I am the great one, I alone can do it, I alone can win, and so on.

Something amazing is happening in the present world.  All of the mistakes of the past, all of the lies that have run and ruled here for thousands of years, are suddenly visible, up for everyone to see, truly a revealing of the whole of our history in the modern world.

Isis is waving her wand over the secrets of the past, up until now most people never knew them, but in these times the dark deeds of those in power cannot be hidden.  A great awakening, a letting in of the light, the realization of a scriptural principle:  What is said in the dark, will be heard in the light.

And the poverty, the callous and cruelty embodied in the male thought traditions is now visible to all and cannot be tolerated any longer.  What we are really looking at in the Ukraine is the “old stuff” on display for everyone to see.  The lies are up for us, the practices based on them are being unmasked every day.  The eruption of the shadow side and these tremendous inequalities between the rich and the poor, all the unveiling, is really just the expression of our shadow side, in order that we can get beyond it.

  1. It is time to move into the new Love orientation. Finding and forming the new and the true guiding principles for the modern world.

As I write, many Russian soldiers in the Ukraine are withdrawing from cities they occupy, leaving a trail of death and destruction in their wake.  Eyewitnesses attest to ever evolving forms of cruelty on the part of the soldiers.  Rescuers entered the home of one woman, standing by a mirror amid the wreckage, her home destroyed, her family murdered. And on the mirror a solider had written with soap “forgive us, we never wanted to fight this war.”

If only he had written these words at the beginning of his four week occupation instead of at the end.

What is this madness that drives us from one war into another?  Throughout our history the male mind has developed increasingly refined ways of cruelty torture and death.  A minister friend who visited a museum in Peru told me he could not believe the instruments the Spanish brought with them in order to force the Natives to accept Christianity.

None of this is Jesus, or has anything to do with Jesus, this is Rome.

Simone Weil, the French philosopher observed from her experience in the Spanish Civil War that there is nothing men would rather do, once the sanctions are removed than to kill one another.

Now, you know, women and children do not feel this way about each other, they see one another as interesting, someone to get to know, to talk to, and to have fun with.

If Simone Weil is right, perhaps the other side of this conflict in the Ukraine we can get clear about war.  William James was always trying to find “a moral equivalent of war.”  Football games?  Spectator sports?  Political debates?

Perhaps we simply need to find some huge mountainous and forested tract of land, get all of the animals, the women and children out, and let the men go to it.  It could be an annual event for those so inclined, with prizes to be won, metals and badges to be won, points to be scored and so on.

But my hope is with Nostradamus’ prediction that women will enter the armies to such a point that they blunt the aggressive male thrust, the armies just wander aimlessly about, and then go home.

My hope is that in the depths of the world this new impulse coming in with the Feminine and the Women, is shape shifting the whole of the reality everywhere.

My hope is that with the incoming presence of women, the feminine principle taking shape everywhere, the whole male impulse itself is changing.  That we no longer cling to old versions of the male, man militant, powerful tyrants like Putin, we no longer admire these qualities in men, and women having the kind of power over men that they do, can insist that the men in their lives find other ways to channel aggression.

Testosterone, so often put in the service of death and destruction, needs to be put in the service of life, of better values and new principles.

And all around us these days, men can be found who are not like these old warlords.  The greatest antidote the aggressive expression of testosterone, is that men can now develop their own feminine sides.   Their nurturing and caring aspects, finding new roles for themselves, the ancient role that was always intended for us:  Earth Keepers.

  1. We come out of a long history of ideas, and now ideas that once worked for us have run their course, we need to drop them and find new ideas that will enable us to cope with the monumental crisis we are in with the Earth, and with one another.

A great many ideas we have taken to be true in the past, are just convenient fictions.  The crisis we are in owes to philosophy:  I have mentioned the conviction of the philosophers that Earth is something devoid of reason mind or Consciousness.

The crisis we are in also owes to religious ideas, the conviction of Genesis that man alone is made in the image of spirit, nothing and no one else is.  And two of the worst precepts the human race ever got hold of:  Go forth and multiple, have dominion over the Earth and subdue it.  This passage is now generally reinterpreted to mean “be responsible for,” is this what it really means “to be made in the image of spirit,” to kill over every other living being?  Hardly.

And as these great storms make clear, we are not “the lords and masters of the Earth,” and the Earth will not do as we say.

All of the manmade religions are thread bare, morally and spiritually bankrupt, dogma and doctrine generally devoid of true religious experience.  They are now tearing each other to pieces in the Mid-East, the birthplace of the three religions, Judaism, Islam, and Christianity, virtually going up in smoke.

And once again, so many instances of male barbarity.  Some men hide their weapons in schools and dare other men to blow them up, and other men do.  Tony Blair, the British Prime Minister in the Irak war, was gung hoe with Bush to invade Irak.  One of England’s top journalists was asked to interview him after his term of office was up and declined saying “he is so smooth I could not lay a glove on him.  What I would have liked to say to him at the start, would have been:  Mr. Blair, it is a serious matter to lead a country into a war.  Have you ever seen a kindergarten into which someone has just thrown a hand grenade?”

The crisis we are in also owes to modern science and to the scientific image of nature as something devoid of Consciousness.  This concept has enabled the human race to turn the Earth into “things” an array of consumer items to be converted into money in the bank.  Technological ways of thought dominate the modern mind, the Earth is some vast engineering project, just commodities and resources to be bought and sold at will.

And now, our technologies are overwhelming the planet, huge machine clear cutting the forest, factory ships vacuuming the seas, and our poisons everywhere, the Earth, the soil, the water, weakening the vitality of all species, and with it ourselves.

It is this present scientific image of nature that is enabling our destruction of the Earth.  And now, since our technologies are destroying us there is good reason to rethink them.

The present systems are maintained and kept in place by this false image of nature.  The human race has never understood the exquisite interconnectedness, the webworks of all forms of life with one another, and the depth of our own connections with the Earth herself.  Getting the Earth right is our new frontier.  Getting beyond our matter and mechanism caste of thought into the full realization of the truth that the Earth consists of living conscious beings like ourselves, and indeed is sacred and divine throughout.

The male thought traditions have run their course, they have brought us to the brink of our distinction, they are over with.  And new ideas must be found, we need new ways of thought and perception, and we need them now.

And so, stay tuned!