April 28, 2022

At this point, it would appear that Putin has just won Aim, he intends to obliterate and annihilate the whole country, destroying all of the physical structures, and exterminating the people. And the whole world is looking on, uncertain about what to do with this. Why is Putin doing this? Punishment? Revenge or retribution? And just what will he stand to gain from all of this?
Is he simply thumbing his nose at democracy and the West, demonstrating his superiority to the Western way of life? Human rights have always been part of Western thinking, Putin and other would-be dictators tend to demonstrate their manliness by their indifference to the kind of pain and suffering that they purpurate on ordinary people.
Obama refers to Putin as old concept of power.
Word is now coming out of Russia, from information released by reliable sources about what is actually happening with Putin and the Russian elite.
They describe Putin as a man convinced that he has the truth, and the only truth about the Ukraine, whereas he had absolutely no understanding of the Ukraine whatsoever, he assumed his armies would simply walk into Kiev and the government would fall. That has not happened, and almost every attempt Putin has made to subdue the Ukraine has not succeeded.
They paint a picture of Putin isolated from truth, his inner circle of advisors knowing that they can only tell him what he wants to hear. And now as the unfolding horror of the Ukraine unfolds, Putin has fired 150 of his advisors, claiming that their advice was false. And he seems to be looking for a scapegoat for what is happening now.
The sanctions are also having their affect. Oligarch’s living in other countries have had to return to Russia, because they could not access their money. And word has come out that six oligarchs have died in mysterious circumstances.
Since the invasion of the Ukraine, young people have been leaving Russia in droves, because they feel they have no future there. They cannot fly because of the ban on Russian planes landing in European airports. But the two daily trains to Finland are packed with young people, and many others are migrating into some of the nearby countries where they do not require an exist visa.
Putin appears to be losing on all fronts.
Putin at this point appears to aim at the complete extinction of the Ukraine and its people. And along the way unleashing every most depraved aspect of the male impulse itself.
Events are unfolding at the speed of light and the future is in the balance.
And so, a deeper look at the long sweep of history and the full significance of this present moment of historical grace. The real shift of these times is a revolutionary shift, from the fear orientation that has run and ruled here for so long into Love. Into the Love orientation.
We are leaving behind the Piscean Age of male domination to move into something quite new.
The Piscean Age is all bound up with the male impulse and orientation, and that impulse has been bound up with fear. It runs and rules by fear, conqueror and subdue, fear lies and control, and it has ended with an orgy of death and destruction everywhere toward the Earth and one another.
The male ways are all bound up with fear. What? Those big muscular males, fear based? The whole male physic is fear based, adapted for fight or flight, the need to protect mate and offspring from other males. This does not mean that Love cannot also be present, but this is not the primary reality.
Love is the opposite of fear. The Love orientation is coming in with the women, the male mind has been bound up with fear and control, women are all about the Love orientation, and the true power on the planet belongs to the women.
I am not saying anything that everyone does not already know, open your eyes!
And as the values and ways of the past have all been bound up with the men, the values and the practices of the future will be shaped by women.
Now, there are things you need to know about fear.
Fear is noisy, it grabs the headlines. Fear makes people run, they run and run and run, and if the human race does not stop running long enough to realize the full truth of what they are doing here, the Earth does not stand a chance.
And then, fear tends to create what it fears. The system runs on fear, the very definition of economics “competition for scarce goods” is creating the very state that it fears.
And finally, the key to the upheaval going on everywhere, those who are in fear are deeply threatened by the Love orientation, and by those in the Love orientation.
America is a showcase for these issues of our times. America has been in the grip of the masculine impulse from the very beginning: Conquer the wilderness, conquer the Native people, the conquer the world economy. The hope for all of us is that in the very heart of this whole conquer and subdue, fear lies and control, the feminine and women are emerging out of the shades and shadows of the past, into the light of this historical day.
And that women’s impulse is not this male stuff. Women are all about the Love orientation, accepting and affirming, nurturing and caring, with a felt sense for our continuity with the Earth, and for the sacredness in all life in all of its many forms.
And we bring with us, a profound and deep intuitive understanding of the Earth, with which we have been identified for so long. We bring with us new ideas, new values, and new ways of knowing and being. And we will make the difference.
These two impulses are playing out politically in America. The Republican party has tended to become the party of rich white males, and in the last four years, it has been visible given over to the whole fear orientation. Trump comes from fear, everything he does is an expression of the fear orientation, and Republican politicians dare not even criticize him for fear that he will publicly insult them, and do them in.
Republican party at one extreme at this point is very much the part of rich white (mean spirited) males with a few “Republican wives” who always begin by sounding thoughtful and intelligent, and then vote along with the men.
The Democrats are the party of everyone else, the reason they have such a difficult time achieving some form of unity. And they are ultimately an expression of the Love orientation.
Everyone is protesting the kind of partisanship that now exists, a gulf between the two parties. This gulf has little to do with different policies but is an ever widening express of the Love versus fear orientation, that goes far beyond differing political principles, but is an express of this much deeper impulse in history coming in with the women, and with the women ordinary people everywhere, People of Color, the Native people, and the Earth herself.
The feminine principle is entering into history at these times, and it is very much a major force in democracy itself, and among the Democrats.
This great shift we are now in is unsettling everyone, and these are very demanding times in which to be alive. Many people are clinging to the fear orientation out of fear, others are moving into the new orientation of Love. My suggestion to everyone, find your resources of replenishment and strength. And then, make a space for your fears, hear from them, and then drop them.
There are many reasons people are in the fear orientation these days. It began with the pandemic, and going into lock down, and then, worries about the economy, now this war in the Ukraine, and host of other issues. Really, people not knowing what to believe, or what is really happening.
And now, many of us are out of lockdown and back into work, but the past two years have so changed the present world that nothing feels like the same, nothing is working in the old ways we once knew, we do not feel comfortable at all in our working modes.
And now the growing awareness of our destruction, and our destructive practices toward the Earth. These great storms, the rains and the snows even in tropical areas, people on the move everywhere, showing up at our borders, just what is going on?
We are all in a very new place in our history. When Trump was elected, many other countries also put in rightwing governments. In times of fear, we have been looking for some strong male leader to tell us what to do. But over the last four years, we have learned that these leaders only make matters worse, they do not help at all. And now all across the planet are grassroots uprisings against such leaders who do not serve the people.
It is a tumultuous time on the planet, shifting out of the fear orientation and into the new incoming energies of Love.
Be not afraid.
Find your own strength in yourself, and Spirit. And if you really want to help the planet, get yourself out of fear, and into the Love orientation. Everything is taking place at the speed of light, and coming to a head, because it can, and it must. The old ways, the fears lies and control mentality, are embodied in the system itself, and the system is crashing everywhere, because in fact the world has already moved very far into the Love orientation, and the old stuff is simply no longer supported by the Earth herself.
In fact, the system has gone, and we are already looking for the new ideas on which to rebuild our shattered economy.
The power on the planet is shifting away from the rich, and into the base of ordinary people everywhere. When Zelensky was asked where he found his strength he answered, I find it in the people. Biden’s proposed tax reforms, healthcare policies and virtually most of the democrat’s political agenda are moving in the same direction. And all across the planet there are “assemblies,” taking place, people meeting together and taking back their power.
This is a momentous time in which to be alive, and everyone needs to find their strength within themselves and the people around them. There is no magical leader who is going to tell everyone what to do, know at this point that history is on the side of the Love orientation and go for it. Find out pushes your fear buttons and eliminate it. A little common sense is in order. Don’t listen to the news just before you go to bed.
Know, that in the midst in all of this upheaval, good things are happening. Find your strength in yourself, the people around you, and the leaders who are moving with these new forces of history.
And so, stay tuned!

Lorna Green