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In this unique and unmissable *FREE* online event, we will introduce the Call’s key concepts and mission. This will be followed by short interventions from our distinguished guest speakers Dr Anne Baring, Prof Jeffrey Kripal, David Lorimer, Dr Iain McGilchrist, Dr Athena D. Potari, Prof Keith Ward, FBA and a round table discussion, as well as a Q&A and informative exchange with our audience.
In this Call, we argue that there is good scientific evidence to refute the claim that we are merely ‘hackable animals’ (in Yuval Noah Harari’s words) or complex biological machines, as proposed by the recent movement of Transhumanism.

We argue that a recovery of a deeper spiritual understanding of the human being, as proposed by the likes of William James and Sir Alister Hardy FRS, is vital to the future of our culture and of humanity on the whole, and the emerging post-materialist understanding of consciousness provides a strong empirical basis for this crucial development.

This Call is vital as we seek to move towards a deeper spiritual understanding of who we are as humans.

You can find and support the document online at: https://galileocommission.org/report/#renaissance.

Come along to what is sure to be a ground-breaking and unmissable event – and please help us spread the word by extending this invite to your friends and families.