David Lorimer’s guest today is Dr. Howard Eisenberg He is a ‘Psychonaut’ – what Jean Houston termed an explorer of ‘inner space’. On the ‘left brain’ side, he’s a Physician with post-graduate training in both Psychology and Psychiatry, and is one of the international pioneers in both the clinical & organizational aspects of Stress Management. He was an Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Vermont. He is currently in Private Practice of Psychotherapy and Mind/Body Medicine in Newmarket, Ontario. He also heads up the international Fortune 100 consulting firm, Syntrekâ Inc.

On the ‘right brain’ side – Dr. Eisenberg earned his medical degree and master’s degree in Psychology simultaneously! Howard’s master’s thesis was on Telepathy & he was subsequently awarded the first postgraduate University degree in Canada for research in Parapsychology – from McGill U. At the University of Vermont, he helped establish an inter-disciplinary Study Group on Complementary and Alternative Medicine. He is the author of, Inner Spaces: Parapsychological Explorations of the Mind, (which became the textbook for his pioneering credit course in Parapsychology at the University of Toronto). He also hosted the CBC Radio national mini-series, Odyssey. And he is the Producer of the unique guided-meditation recording – The Tranquility Experienceã. His latest book is Dream it to Do It.

Imaginal Inspirations is hosted by David Lorimer, Programme Director of the Scientific and Medical Network and Chair of the Galileo Commission, an academic movement dedicated to expanding the evidence base of a science of consciousness. Imaginal cells are responsible for the metamorphosis of the caterpillar into a butterfly, which is the Greek symbol for the soul. These cells are dormant in the caterpillar but at a critical point of development they create the new form and structure which becomes the butterfly.

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