Information Holograph – The Structure, the Source and its Operation


AK Mukhopadhyay, 2012

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Does the Whole communicate with trillions and trillions of miniature wholes? If so, it is how and why? These questions have given birth to this conceptual paper where First person‘s experiential realm has been expressed in Third Person‘s perspectives. The construction is expected to be compelling to those who are familiar with the limits of present science, affirmatively looking forward to extending science beyond Planck‘s scale and beyond the boundary of the defined system and are seriously interested in investigation of the Source-field in whatever name one might call it. The central theme of the paper is Information Holograph by means of which the nonlocal and local players remain connected in the cosmos. The paper proposes a structural geometry of information in both inactive and active states and suggests that information could be vehicled by information-carrying, ‗be-able‘ quantum particle/wave across ZPE fields. The paper draws a distinction between Quantum Hologram and Information Hologram and also between quantum entanglement and information entanglement. The emphasis is on an extraordinary constellation of neutrino, photon, phonon and conformon with self/consciousness at the center. Neutrinos have been discussed in the context of healing. The ultimate Source for science has been suggested, for the present state of human intelligence, to be the Source of the multiverse, the Essence of The Multiversity (EM), of which ZPE is an outside-in picture {ZPE EM} across the boundary of the universe




Philosophy is said to be the Mother of all Sciences. Then why there is no progress of science beyond Relativity and Quantum Physics? Are we going through also a downturn of philosophical ideas? Or, has there been dearth of philosophers who can formulate research questions and research hypotheses for further development of science? However, the idea that everything has been created from the void as propounded in the basic tenet of Buddhist‘s philosophy and the scientific idea of Z.P.E. fields as the Source field have found concurrence at present. It has escaped notice of many of us that in the Pyramid Texts from Egypt (about 2000 BC), it is stated that real sensory world is an appearance, an emanation from a hidden realm beyond nothingness/void/death. There are ancient Indian Philosophy in Vedas and Upanishads where the human thoughts have gone beyond this void. In the opening invocation prefaced to Isha Upanishad of Rig Veda, an ancient literature which had been systematically documented by evolved mankind more than 3000 years before the arrival of Christ on this earth, one can find this shloka.

“Om Purnamadah Purnamidam


Purnashya Purnam-Aadaaya


In brief, it means that the whole remains always whole. One can take away any number of bits from the whole, it remains always whole and the bit is also whole!


Note that the bit is not part or unit of the whole. The bit is also whole! This offers the underlying philosophy of a hologram.


The question is what constitutes this revered whole? We are familiar with frequently used phrase like ‗holistic‘ vision, ‗holistic‘ health, ‗holistic‘ living and ‗holistic‘ science etc. In 1980s British physicist David Bohm first brought the concept of holography in physics [1]. Ken Wilber from United States edited the book on holographic paradigm where one can see neuroscientist Karl Pribram‘s pronouncement, ―The brain is a hologram interpreting a holographic universe‖. With Bohm‘s, ―It is not static. It is all holoflux‖ [2]. Recently the scientists working on memory have started accepting the view that memory storage inside the brain might have been done in a holographic manner. Scientists working on near-death experience have reported from their subjects/patients that many of them during the occasion of encountering death, at the end of the long dark tunnel had undergone a holographic review of the event history of life. Dennis Gabor was awarded a Nobel Prize in Physics in the year 1971 for his work on physical holography of lenseless photography where any minute piece from the photograph can be enlarged to whole. Recently with femto second lasers it is possible to make a holograph of the whole head with a single flash! Another illustrious example is Michael Talbot‘s work in this direction [3]. Mexican neuroscientist Grinberg-Zylberbaum is of the opinion that consciousness transfer between entrained brains occur through a pre-space structure in a nonlocal holographic way [4]. Walter Schempp [5] from the University of Siegen, Germany and Peter J. Marcer [6], Chairman Cybernetics Machine Specialist Group, UK., have developed the model of Quantum Hologram, ―a quantum entangled nonlocal information structure emitted by all matters‖, an information mechanism in nature which they have extended from Planck‘s black body radiation. The mathematical formalism they have used is the same as used in laser holography. Edgar Mitchell [7] from USA, (Apollo XIV Astronaut and the sixth man who walked on the moon) and his Quantrek‘s scientific team [8] have recognized the topic as the top-priority research frontier.


In spite of all the developments, so far I have not articulated in any of my work my view on holography in science! The readers may wonder, why? It is simply because I was not confident enough to grasp and articulate on what is valued as the ‗whole‘! However, paradoxically my maiden chapter in my first book [9], which ushered my journey in exploration of consciousness is titled, ―States of Consciousness, the Holistic hypothesis. Supracortical consciousness, an existing reality.‖ My concept of the whole, to begin with, encompasses consciousness within a no-boundary cortical and supracortical domain. In my second work, a consortium of Conformon, Photon, Phonon and Neutrino with consciousness was developed [10]. In the next work Conquering the Brain, this consortium again came up in the context of describing the Grace Phenomenon and the relevant figure can be found on the first leaf of page under the hard cover [11]. In the work, The Millennium Bridge, this constellation surfaced as the ‗logo‘ on the hard-bound cover of the book [12]. It now seems that without much realization at those many points of time, I had been working on the Information Holograph. I must admit that I was absolutely clueless that Information Holograph had already started dwelling in me long back since 1986-1987 which at present is compelling me to articulate it further in this paper.


Why do we need a holograph?


Why do we need a holograph at all? The reason simply is that it exists in nature! What exists in nature is stimulating to the scientists in particular and scientific minds in general! The communication in external cosmos with coherence and maintaining conformity with the whole and the similar communication within a system (internal cosmos) is likely to be holographic. The specific communication across the boundary of a living system, i.e., between external and internal cosmos, which makes self‘s experience essentially spiritual is also holographic.


It appears to provide the mechanism in nature that gives rise to the ancient mystical belief in the Akashic record. It seems to be carrier of intuitive information which sensitive person calls their intuition‖ (Edgar Mitchell, personal communication, 2012). There is seemingly continuous information exchange between different living units e.g. plants, insects, microbes, animals and human (cf: Backster effect). This informational connection cannot be explained by the conventional electromagnetic connection ranging from visible light, radio wave, infra red or microwave, x-rays or other radioactive rays or any other waves in this spectrum. As pointed out by Gary Schwartz (Personal communication, 2012), ―the hologram is key to the connection between consciousness and the Cosmos, including the core mechanism of the continuity of consciousness and its ability to affect the physical world‖. Therefore, if we know correctly the holographic mechanism of information distribution, it will have enormous applications for engineering on this earth to eradicate man-made disharmony in both external and internal cosmos. The future of communication engineering is in this holographic communication!


What could be the Whole?


In holography the largest comprehensible structure or object known as the ‗whole‘ zooms in the smallest comprehensible structure or object. The smallest comprehensible structure or object, on the other hand, zooms out as the largest comprehensible structure or object, the ‗whole‘. Grossly, the whole universe is represented in the comparatively trivially small brain. The same whole could be found inside a cell, and thereby when one learns the cell completely, say holographically, it becomes easier for him to comprehend the structural and functional organization of a system like brain, the universe or the multiverse as a system whole.


Let us analyze what this ‗whole‘ is? Is the representative of the ‗whole‘ in an ideal situation of holography self-conscious? I mean, whether is it bestowed with consciousness in general and is it conscious about itself in particular? Does it have a mind? Is it alive? I mean does it carry ‗life‘ or life-principle? How the information of the whole is encrypted in this graph?

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