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We are delighted to announce the launch of our new Podcast Series entitled Know Thyself hosted by Dr Athena D Potari!

Inspired by ancient Hellenic Wisdom and the famous precept inscribed at the entrance of Apollo’s Temple in Delphi, Know Thyself Podcast series explores the fascinating intersections between academic research, science, the humanities, and self-inquiry, spirituality, as well as meditation as direct approaches into the nature of consciousness. How relevant is self-inquiry in academic education nowadays? In this radical historical era we are living in, where a paradigm shift beyond materialism begins to shape, how can we re-imagine the future of knowledge and education? How can we re-integrate the journey of Knowing Ourselves ~ through contemplation, meditation and direct inquiry~ into our scientific, academic and educational structures?

In each episode of our Podcast, an esteemed scholar, professor, or teacher shares with us their own unique story of how they embarked upon the journey of knowing themselves; the transformations this journey entailed for their lives and academic pursuits; the systemic barriers, difficulties and often bias they encountered along the way; as well as how their approach to their professional field has shifted as a result of them coming closer to the nature of their own Self.

The first episode featured Prof Jeff Kripal of Rice University, author of The Flip. His forthcoming book is How to Think Impossihly

Jeff Kripal will join us for a follow-up discussion.