It is all material at observable plane. Living state could be understood as a multidimensional syncytium of several matter-states cohabitating in an extraordinarily unique and sustainable manner that grows and evolves as systems with emergence of cognitive and decision-making ability reflected in homeorrhetic far from equilibrium behaviour. “Life-form”, within a porous enclosure by cell wall/membrane, stands at the centre of the spectrum between ordinary and exotic states of matter. As in neuroscience one looks for neural correlates/correspondences of conscious states (NCC), similarly it is possible to find out matter correlates/
correspondence of conscious states (MCC). The perspective developed in this paper calls for a DeepScience to show how the essence of the material science is interconnected with the essence of the Multiversity along the sub-quantum and sub-subquantum recess of nature involving presently non-observable several exotic states of matter, dark matter, neutrinos, operations of informationstates, operations of cognitive faculty such as mind, self, life-principle and consciousness. Investigation of this interdisciplinary terrain has translational value for next three century’s science.