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Event description

Manori Sumanasinghe and Nelson Abreu have nearly 50 years of combined experience exploring consciousness and educating a niche of motivated individuals, interested in the intricacies of “inner reality” through non-profit consciousness and scientific anomaly academic organizations. As an architect and an electrical engineer, both with a focus on innovation, they set out to expose a wider demographic to the world of consciousness. They describe the approach as meeting people where they are, speaking to their more immediate needs, such as relief from discomfort, stress, and anxiety; tapping into their imagination and inspiration. It is hoped that by democratizing and demystifying the out-of-body experience and allied phenomena, more funding will pour into research and more people will want to deepen their practice. They will discuss a technology, music and guidance-assistance method developed for their start-up Neuma Being to reliably induce substance-free altered states and the results of a pilot of self-reports of altered states.

Manori Sumanasinghe is a Los Angeles-based designer and entrepreneur, working towards her California licensure in Architecture.  She is passionate about the role of Architecture + Design and its impact on a community’s well-being. This has taken her on a journey that led her to found NEUMASCAPE STUDIO. Manori’s passion in community building is established on a strong foundation of democracy, ethics, empathy, and an acknowledgement of the intrinsic connections we have with each other and our surroundings. Her goal with her practice is to help identify and realize the potential of people, space, or places, through design and technology. Her approach to projects often seeks to honour the legacy of place, space, object, or people. Equipped with a variety of skills and interests, a vibrant network, and a life-long commitment to learning and meaning, Manori is on a mission to create a body of work that reflects her values and passions in architecture, design, technology, and well-being.