This Q&A panel was part of the premiere event of ‘Insight Out’ a documentary made by Jade Shaw about the transformative effects of Out of Body Experiences. The panel is themed around non-local consciousness and was curated by Jade Shaw.


Sergio Magana (Mexican Toltec Shaman) Author of The Toltec Secret & Caves of Power


Charlie Morley (Tibetan Buddhist Lucid Dream expert) Author of Dreams of Awakening and Dreaming through Darkness


Dr Jessica Bockler (Transpersonal Psychologist) Msc Transpersonal Psychology program director at St Johns University & Alef Trust.


Anthony Peake (Consciousness researcher) Author of The Out of Body Experiences & Opening the Doors of Perception


Graham Nicholls (OBE expert) Author of Navigating the Out of Body Experience


Tim Freke (philosopher) Author of Soul Story and Lucid Living