The concept of Platonism is extended by introducing the new concept of a “Platonic computer” which is incorporated in metacomputics. The theoretical framework of metacomputics postulates that such a Platonic computer exists within the realm of ‘forms’ and is made by, of, with, and from metaconsciousness. Metaconsciousness is defined as the “power to conceive, to perceive, and to be self-aware” and is the formless, contentless infinite potentiality. The infinite potentiality of metaconsciousness is expressed as specific actualities via Platonic computation. This means that an abstract entity is the conscious state of being a specific actuality and is the processing output of the Platonic computer. As such, the physical computer made of silicon is but a shadow or poor imitation of the Platonic computer. Nevertheless, by programing the physical computer it is possible to simulate the generation of abstract entities as the processing output of the Platonic computer.