This unique and ground-breaking project in transformative learning combines creative expression, personal reflection and critical edge in the study of esoteric wisdom and contemporary exploration of the sacred. Our academic programme is formally ending in 2021, and our new web platform provides an archive of our work and publications, whilst also moving forward with new courses, lectures, podcasts, community building and much more.

Our focus is on ‘seeing with different eyes’ in the study of myth, symbolic cosmology (including astrology and divination), the arts, esoteric philosophy, transpersonal psychology, holistic science and the paranormal. We are creating a space in which to engage with ‘impossible’ subjects which outreach the limits of the rational mind and require a new, imaginal voice which combines vision with discernment. It is also a space in which you are invited to participate – a ‘mystery school’ for our challenging times – in order to heal the age-old split between head and heart, mind and body, divinity and nature.