The Pari Center was conceived as a haven of peace and gentle action in a world increasingly gripped by turmoil. In adopting Carlo Levi’s maxim that ‘the future has an ancient heart’ we look to the future while bearing in mind the wisdom of the past.

By organising conferences, workshops, seminars and webinars The Pari Center promotes an open and continuing dialogue of values and meaning in society; the role of science and technology; the marriage of science and the arts; ethics; community; the future of education; the impact of global economics on societies; the role of knowledge; the place of the sacred.

The Pari Center also provides an opportunity for artists, scientists, thinkers, writers, and all those who have concerns about the world in which we live, to spend time in reflection, work on a project, or meet and talk with others at the human and personal level rather than in terms of abstractions.