From Julian Rose:

Hello everybody.

I’m honored to be invited to speak at this very significant Chisinau Forum International Conference.

 Its theme is very well chosen and extremely prescient. The outstanding need now, I think, is to draw together all those determined to defeat our oppressors by building a pragmatic, action-based strategy for the way forward. So let’s join together in trying to make that happen. Okay, the title of my offering today to the forum is

The Spiritual Warrior. Breaking the Spellbinding Grip of Artificial Intelligence”.

Now if one’s going to combat demons, and that is indeed what we’re up against in my impression, one needs to train to become a spiritual warrior. And I increasingly feel that, for all the talk of ‘war’, “this is a spiritual war” is the most accurate assessment. The great majority of the population (in the Western World) is suffering a form of psychosis. And when one analysis this, one finds the all pervasive influence of techno-industrial power is playing a significant role in driving human beings to be ‘non-human’ beings.

Life is becoming digitalised – and so are people! They are under the spell of mass hypnosis – and this is not just the side effect of being cloned to one’s mobile phone (I don’t have one); it is a deliberate process of indoctrination into a world where God is to be replaced by an artificial intelligence. The Transhuman agenda.

Klaus Schwab, head of the World Economic Forum, tells us that by adopting his – and King Charles’s – Green New Deal and 4th Industrial Revolution “we will own nothing and be happy”.

For ages, this statement appeared prominently on the WEF website.

The extraordinary thing about this is – that thousands, possibly millions, read it – and appeared to be unmoved! To be told direct – that you are go9ing to be fleeced and to accept it without a murmur – is a sure sign of being under hypnosis.

Then Professor Yuval Noah Harari – Schwab’s chief advisor- tells us that the digital age of artificial intelligence is going to mean being hard-wired to an almost infinite volume of ‘information’. Accordingly, one will be connected-up in a ‘smart city’ to the ‘internet of everything’ – an invisible 5G electro-magnetic grid – and one’s brain will no longer be one’s own, but belong the programmers of the programme to be fed into one’s neocortex.

Harari says about this “We will do better than God” – and millions follow him – wide eyed and open mouthed.

What I am describing is real – and to give it its proper credentials it’s “anti-life”. We can trace one prominent line of this anti-life age of deception by examining the phenomenon of the EMF wireless cell phone – whose crown jewel is the smart phone – and the cell phone towers that have taken over the roof-top urban landscape, and increasingly, our once pristine countryside landscapes.

The mobile phone tower and mast which tops the temple of techno-industrial prowess, is an ugly, spindly piece of steel which is an expression of dominance in its own right. The vast global infrastructure formed by these Saturnian steel structures carry with them a penetrating EMF amplified soup of toxicity.

It is this ‘network’ which acts as the gateway to the virtual reality world of those who depend on it for their ‘signals’. Signals that have an abstracted kind of dominance and pronounced tendency to thin the blood and blur the brain.

The majority of messages that come through this gateway concern how to get on in ‘the system’.

How to get from A to B faster; news faster; financial reports faster; connections with family and friends faster; everything faster.

Being permanently plugged-in to this hyper electromagnetic crossroads of life is said to be the only way to ‘stay in touch’, to be a participant in the mental matrix; to be part of ‘the programme’.

But already twenty years ago I decided to cut my ties with this programme. Dispensing with the mobile phone turned out to be an act of liberation, soon to be followed by the ousting of the TV.