Visualization of information as an autonomous intentional potent causal entity, which has a dynamically changing geometry across the depth of nature remains a valuable leading guide for extending the vertical depth of science. Following this thread of information in its various forms, it is possible to travel imaginatively across the ladder of cognition from physical signal to the world of sublime wisdom and back from the wisdom to signal world. This seems to be the First step in doing Deep Science. Understanding of the systems psyche and four abstract operations therein are crucial for this. This paper describes this roadmap for Science, Technology and Humanity.


The Systems Psyche is a hub of information. We do not have a science for this. This would be a Deep Science with concurrent growth of Science, Humanity and Spirit (human consciousness). The scientists are in the process of extending the horizon [1] and vertical depth [2] of present science. In this pursuit, the Spirit (consciousness of the scientist) remains the guiding force. Science, however, is seen stuck with Einstein’s constant (velocity of light), Planck’s constant (of space, time and energy) and Entropy barrier, which respectively excludes simultaneity of events, continuity of events and identity of events. These three constants of physical science maintain the limits of horizon and vertical depth of present science and often felt as stumbling block for laying down foundation of a science for consciousness.

The prized technology of present age is Artificial Intelligence and the involved scientists are human beings and surely not the created humanoids. The interrelationship of artificial intelligence, human intelligence and intelligence in nature-consciousness has been described in author’s earlier works [3,4]. Artificial Intelligence has found its future in use of Neural Network, DNA chips and in Synthetic Biology. This trust, however, misses the points of tripartite neuro-astrocytic-neuro synapse in the brain, also the fact that the wisdom of DNA molecules resides in its association with spherical histone protein. The synthetic biology at present stage assumes that synthetically created artefact is merely an automated ensemble of several small molecular machines and misses the point that the natural cell is an autonomous integralizing systems of several organelles operating under the umbrella of universal holonomy.