The Holos Project are announcing a unique 3-hour interactive and participatory on-line workshop on the following topic: Holism, Dao and Quantum Physics. Explored topics will include how quantum physics bridges the wisdom of Eastern Taoism and Western Holism.
Shantena will illustrate the fundamental challenge to our materialist world view presented by the proven phenomena of quantum physics. Correlating this to Holistic Principles he will introduce the arcane wisdom of the Dao and its practical implications for human practice and becoming.
Key issues to be examined from this deeper perspective will include the complementarity of opposites, the role of the feminine, and the meaning of non-doing.
Date: Saturday 30th January 2021.  15h00 – 18h00 GMT
Contribution: Minimum suggested GBP 25.00

Registration details will soon be published on the Holos Project website – – alternatively, you can email [email protected] to register your interest.