Yesterday I attended a talk by a theoretical physicist specialising in String Theory, about the relationship between consciousness and matter. He confirmed that quantum physicists already know that matter is created by consciousness, not the other way around.
Yes, you’ve heard right. Matter is a product of consciousness. Everything is conscious, every cell in your body, everything there is. Consciousness, not matter is the true essence of what we think of as ‘reality’. Physicists know that electrons for example, are not in fact particles, objects, ‘things’. They don’t even exist, except when you watch them… But in your everyday life, you are not likely to hear this.
The current paradigm we are all suffering under is called ‘materialism’. Like fish in a pond we live in it and breathe it, so we don’t know that it exists. According to materialism, matter is all there is. We are made out of atoms and molecules — inanimate particles, objects, ‘things’ — cobbled together to form our bodies and everything there is. We are born, we live, we die and decompose and that’s that. When we die, whatever we were is no more.
People don’t realise it but materialism, our dominant paradigm, is not backed by any scientific evidence, and it never has been. It is nothing more than a belief system that emerged as a reaction to religion and faith, and that is associated with the rise of ‘modern science’.

Materialist science, what we think is science, originally set out to prove that all faith or spiritual beliefs are nonsense — a delusion created by primitive minds, frightened by things they could not understand. It has set itself the task of explaining everything by seeking to understand matter. In other words, materialist science begins its investigation not with an open mind that is prepared to follow the evidence wherever it takes us, but with a predetermined assumption that only matter is real.