Everyone is caught in a peculiar trap that is invisible and almost impossible to notice: their worldview. Your worldview is the total picture you accept of reality. At the core of everyone’s worldview are two things, first, the feeling of being “I,” a separate individual, and second, a faith in the common-sense world of physical objects we see outside the window.

For all practical purposes, you’d think that having your own worldview sounds rather nice, but what is packaged into your worldview are very undesirable things like bad memories, old wounds, and outworn conditioning.

As harmful as these things are, there is a subtler trap. Every worldview is actually a limited model of reality that shuts out the “real” reality. Imagine someone afflicted with agoraphobia, a fear of open spaces. Unable to leave the house, an agoraphobe obviously is shut away form a vast array of experiences. Not so obvious is how your worldview has shut you away from the single most important aspect of “real” reality: the field of pure consciousness.

The ”I” you identify with accesses only a tiny portion of tis field. Infinite possibilities are squeezed down to the choices that your ego says yes to. Escaping the trap of the common-sense world means entering reality as a field of consciousness, not a field of physical “stuff.”

What stands against you is the scientific worldview, so we need to go into it. Although we don’t stop to realize it, the assumptions of science are also the assumptions of the common-sense world. There is no getting around the fact that assumptions have been mistaken for accepted truth.