Zero-Point Energy State of the Brain


AK Mukhopadhyay, 2019

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Zero-point energy state of the brain has been chosen as the central issue which could make a platform for addressing the leading-edge ideas in cognitive neuroscience and cell biology, physics and cosmology to initiate multidisciplinary research with a view to expanding the horizon of present Science. Zero-point energy state of the brain has been considered as the most comfortable and restful state of the brain, full of activities like healing and regeneration when the brain might remain potentially open for further cognitive evolution. Dark energy-visible energy homeostasis within the brain cells (neurons and glial cells) has been conceptually linked with the gymnastics in cognitive activities, which in turn is logistically supported by plasticity of proteomics and metabolomics of cells.




Science has been longing for expansion of its horizon for a considerable period of time and looking for ways how can it embrace humanity as well as consciousness. The Galileo Commission for expanding the scope of Science ( launched in 2018 has taken up this issue seriously. At this specific Galileo Moment, the author who happened to be a member of the Advisory Board of this Commission, has chosen zero-point energy state of the brain as an important central issue for this purpose which might initiate multidisciplinary research to push the envelope of science farther. The leading-edge idea of dark energy in cosmology, zero-point energy (ZPE) in physics, ladder and canvas of cognition in neuroscience, energy consumption in proteomics of cell biology could be arranged on a broad canvas with a number of logically interconnected initial assumptions. The basis of such assumption remains a hunch from the existing experience in the respective fields! However, interweaving of several assumptions could never be possible without proper logic. The construction thus made should be verifiable by leading edge technology such as applied neutrino technology in physics, magnetoencephalography and fMRI in neuroscience, live cell imaging in cell biology and MuldiTOF mass spectrometry/Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (LCMS), Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (GCMS) and high-resolution two-dimensional electrophoresis in metabolomics and proteomics. At zero-point energy state, the systems brain in its finite live situation has possibility to get connected with the Infinite Whole and to exhibit the highest bid for self-healing, regeneration, plasticity, and display potential for further cognitive evolution


Energy Consumption Issue of the Brain


We begin with a known unsolved issue in metabolomics of the human brain. The human brain constitutes 2% of body weight but consumes about 20% of body’s energy. Most of its energy consumption could not be accounted by its signal processing activity and therefore, much is left to be understood on this issue. Perhaps this might be explained by consumption of energy in information generation, thought formation, knowledge building and in experiencing, supported logistically by concomitant protein folding within neurons and glial cells. Astrocyte produces 20 times more number of ATP as compared to neuron and passes its ATPs to neuron. We do not have another example of one cell passing its hard cash, ATPs, so profusely and easily to another cell. There is no requirement of such astrocyte where neurons do not handle information and is concerned with transmission of only signal (as in a ganglion or a nucleus)!


Dark Energy Inside the Brain


The issue perhaps could be resolved if we begin with a series of assumptions. The first assumption is that visible energy of the human brain gets converted into dark energy during its cognitive activities; brain’s processing of signal into information, developing it into knowledge, transforming knowledge into experience and sublimation of knowledge into wisdom. Dark energy is not any black energy. It is invisible energy. It has been presumed that there is dark energy in the brain as in the universe. This comes as a prediction from author’s theory that when information splits [1] into space,  time and energy, delivery of this energy happens from dark energy domain. Energy released, however, is visible energy, although this release happens in a very small negligible quantum.

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