After receiving the Gold Medal in the Science, Technology, and Trades program at Northern Secondary School in Toronto, I entered the Engineering Science program on a scholarship at the University of Toronto and attained honours standing at the completion of my first year. But then I became preoccupied with existential questions, leading me into unconventional areas of study, with the result that I graduated in 1974 from the New Program with an interdisciplinary BSc. After four years working as a roofer, I enrolled at the University of Calgary and, in 1983, completed a MSc in Mathematics with specialization in Mathematical Foundations, writing my thesis about forcing in topoi. A chapter and a half from my thesis was published as a paper “A Reduction Theorem for the Kripke-Joyal Semantics” in Logica Universalis, incidentally giving me Erdös Number 3. Because of my interest in consciousness, I switched to psychology, graduating in 1989 from the University of Regina with a PhD in Psychology. My dissertation “The Personal Nature of Notions of Consciousness” was published in 1990 as a book by University Press of America.