Nicholas Rosseinsky’s first academic trainings were in mathematics and then theoretical physics at the University of Cambridge, where his 1989 thesis was ‘Experimental Signals for the Higgs Boson’. Failing to find insight into the human predicament in string theory (!), he turned his quantitative mindset to the financial economy, facilitating multi-billion dollar decisions as a management consultant, and then managing a complex billion-dollar portfolio through the East Asian crisis. The stunning failures of modern economics in navigating that crisis precipitated a search for something new: in 2000, Nicholas left his junior-partner position in investment banking, and subsequently enrolled in UCSD’s computational-neurobiology PhD program, seeking a new biologically-plausible model for homo economicus. Almost simultaneously, he had a spontaneous spiritual awakening. In 2010, he left mainstream academia, to pursue a novel, rigorous, symbol-based, science of conscious experience, dedicated to serving the transformation of humankind via the transformation of physics and neuroscience.

About the working group

Completing the Spectrum: A Sane, Psychospiritually-Informed, Approach to a Transformative Science of Matter and Conscious Experience

This initiative adopts a tentative (non-dual) psychospiritual framework for Ground, Self, and Soul; for the arising of the illusion of separation; and for the emergence of our local Universe and material process, as a response to that arising. In this hypothetical context, humanity’s challenge is: how are we to relinquish participation in separation, individually and collectively?

Focusing on currently-mainstream science and the ways it obstructs relinquishment, we identify a spectrum of responses to those obstructions. (E.g. promoting philosophical sanity, and the validity of parapsychology and spiritual experience, are all vital spectrum-components.)

This initiative seeks to fill a perceived gap in the spectrum of currently-active transformational efforts, by meeting mainstream science on its own terms (without reference to data whose validity it currently rejects), proving the impossibility of a complete, experimentally-supported, science of the current kind, and pointing to an experimentally-testable upgrade of science itself. This move will create a version of science that is open at its frontiers, e.g. to parapsychological/spiritual experiences, without appealing to those same experiences in catalyzing transformation.

As well as addressing the extraordinary intellectual and scientific nuances involved in this effort, this initiative will also attend to crucial psychospiritual factors: in ourselves, in the mainstream scientific community and its gatekeepers, and in humankind as a whole.