Vasilios Basios

Vasileios Basios is a physicist working on complex systems and a member of the steering team with a special interest in curating the curator’s initiative. Read full bio here.

Wolfhardt Janu (PhD) is a theoretical chemist turned inventor and software developer with a passion and experience in innovation, chemistry and customized software development. His expertise cover also the production of fully automated solutions for analytical laboratories.

Wolfhardt Janu

About the working group

Our working group, historically the first one to emerge, came about as an informal gathering of friends from the GC who had similar interests on studying traces of consciousness’ states manifesting in organizational dynamics. It is about the study of trace-signals of “organizational closure” which is now being detected due to an innovation on standard random event generators (REGs). The innovation comes from Wolfhardt’s Janu’s idea, and construction, of a novel REG apparatus that has been already proven to be especially efficient in revealing nonlocal correlations. Saturday after Saturday we hold remote meetings and now they have mature to full-grown projects thanks to the support by Brenda Dunne (ICRL), Roger Nelson, Peter Fenwick and Vicente Arraez (Fundación Metta). Our two main projects are on animal group consciousness (e.g swarm intelligence) and on ‘End of Life Experiences’. We call our team, “oREGano” [standing for “Organizational-closure Random Event Generators’ Analysis and Observation”] and is our little part of the emerging research “mycelium” supported and supporting GC.