Dr Simon Duan is founder of Metacomputics Labs that researches a post materialism paradigm that unifies consciousness, mind and matter. The new paradigm is based on simulation hypothesis which describes the universe as processing output of computation. Metacomputics theoretical framework postulates that a nonphysical computer that is made by, of, with and from Consciousness exists in platonic realm that computes the universe. Further details on

In collaboration with researchers around the world, Metacomputics is being applied to spiritual and personal development, innovative healing and healthcare practice, brain science and artificial intelligence.

Dr Duan came from China to the UK to study in the ’80s. After receiving a PhD in Materials Science from Cambridge University, he worked for many years in research and development, technology commercialisation and management consultancy in both the UK and China. He has long-standing interests in paranormal research and was past vice president of Chinese parapsychology association.

About the working group

The idea that we might be living in a computer simulation is gaining traction in mainstream science and general public while providing a theoretical foundation by which the anomalous phenomena studied by parapsychology can be explained. The main challenge to the simulation hypothesis is, however, to model what is outside the simulation.

Metacomputics model hypothesizes that there exists a transcendental computer that is made by, of, with and from metaconsciousness. The transcendental computer is the content generator of all perceivable phenomena including space and time, physical and non-physical, normal and paranormal, humans and aliens, meteorites and UFOs…

Metacomputics model proposes a rational mechanism to describe how the cosmos is created by metaconsciousness. In contrast to materialist science paradigm that describes the universe as a machine, the new model presumes the transcendental intelligence that designs, builds, programs and operates the computer.
By providing a new lens through which the cosmos can be understood as the derivative of metaconsciousness, metacomputics should have the potential to become a candidate model for post-materialist science.

The aim of this working group is to provide a forum for interested GC community members to offer critiques, challenges and suggestions to the further development of the new model.

Online workshops will be held 20:00 – 22:00 GMT, on xxday of the first week of each month to discuss various aspects of metacomputics model. Participation from a wider audience of community members is welcomed and encouraged.