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David Lorimer introduces the Galileo Commission Report


The world today is dominated by science and by its underlying assumptions, which are seldom explicitly articulated. The Galileo Commission’s remit is to open public discourse and to find ways to expand science so that it can accommodate and explore important human experiences and questions that science, in its present form, is unable to integrate.

Following widespread consultation with 90 advisers representing 30 universities worldwide, we have published the Galileo Commission Report, written by Prof  Dr Harald Walach and entitled Beyond a Materialist Worldview – Towards an Expanded Science.  The report has been widely endorsed as a groundbreaking document and we encourage you to read it for yourself and spread the word among your professional network.  Summaries  of the argument are available in a number of languages.

Galileo Report

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Nisha Manek – Bridging Science and Spirit

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In Bridging Science and Spirit, you’ll discover:

  • An easy-to-understand overview of William A. Tiller’s most influential work
  • Seven pillars that support the shared principles of science and spirit
  • More than sixty drawings to clearly illustrate the core scientific concepts
  • An exploration of the levels of consciousness and how they impact your relationship with reality
  • An entertaining mix of history, physics, and spiritual anecdotes, and much, much more!

Bridging Science and Spirit is a simple guide for unlocking the capacity of human intention. If you like expert insights, complex scientific concepts explained in everyday language, and intellectually energizing material, then you’ll love Dr. Nisha Manek’s unprecedented resource.

The book in brief
david lorimer’s review

Rupert Sheldrake on the Galileo Commission Report

Rupert Sheldrake discusses the Galileo Commission Report and how its thesis relates to his own work. Rupert argues that materialism does not have sufficient explanatory power and the Galileo Commission Report goes a long way to explicate this argument.

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Remote Viewing the Future with Stephan A. Schwartz

Stephan Schwartz discusses a project in which he was engaged from 1978 through 1996, asking individuals who attended his workshops and conferences to envision life in the year 2050. He describes the care that he took to avoid suggesting answers himself. The results consistently described situations that turned out to be true, but were hard for him to accept at the time -- including the disappearance of the Soviet Union. He suggests that, in our future, virtual reality will become an accepted substitute for air travel.

December 19th, 2020|Categories: News, Stephan Schwartz|0 Comments

Pim van Lommel – Infinite Consciousness & NDEs

Dutch cardiologist Dr. Pim van Lommel is very well known for his more than 30 years of scientific research in the field of Near-Death-Experiences (NDE), his publications and his books. In this speech at the World of Consciousness Conference 2018, Dr. van Lommel talks about that consciousness is not merely manifactured in the brain. He has investigated 100s of NDE cases that he presents in this talk.

December 12th, 2020|Categories: News, Pim van Lommel|0 Comments

The Layman’s Guide to the Galileo Commission Report

When the Galileo Report was first published, it became clear that the scientific format was difficult for the general public to follow. The layman’s guide was created to bring the wisdom contained within the report to a wider audience. We are at a critical time in the history of humanity. The ideas contained within the report provide solid evidence on what is needed to expand science and help humanity evolve in the face of its current challenges.

December 4th, 2020|Categories: News|0 Comments

SPR Zoom event 12th Dec – PSI and Post-materialist Science

The old-fashioned materialistic paradigm was overthrown a century ago with the advent of relativity and quantum theory and more recent developments across a variety of academic disciplines point to a new “post-materialist” paradigm which could accommodate a host of phenomena – including consciousness – previously considered beyond the domain of science. This is the theme of the recent ground-breaking Galileo Commission Report, written by Harald Walach and initiated by the Scientific and Medical Network. This (virtual) Study Day will bring together four people (including Harald himself) who have played a crucial role in advocating and promoting this new paradigm. The day will end with a general discussion and audience participation.

December 2nd, 2020|Categories: Bernard Carr, Brian Josephson, David Lorimer, Harald Walach, News|0 Comments
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