The Love of Truth and the Truth of Love – Bertrand Russell

Among the thirty-five subjects included in the book, alongside Martin Luther King, Edith Sitwell, and Carl Jung, was the Nobel-winning English mathematician, logician, philosopher, and sanity steward Bertrand Russell (May 18, 1872–February 2, 1970), whom I continue to consider one of the most lucid and luminous minds our civilization has produced, and by far the philosopher whose ideas — ideas at the rare and necessary nexus of science and humanitarianism — I most admire in totality.

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Film with Bernard Carr – Back Holes, Cosmology and the Limits of Science

In this film Bernard Carr maintains that science is continually evolving. He draws upon examples from cosmology and black holes to make this point. He also reflects on his relationship with Stephen Hawking who was his faculty advisor and mentor. He suggests that science will not be complete until it can incorporate both mind and spirit.

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Corona & Beyond: Transpersonal Perspectives

This free summer series of online dialogues and embodied creative reflections expands on themes that emerged in our June session “Corona and Beyond: Transitioning to a new paradigm”, to explore transpersonal perspectives on the global pandemic and our individual, social and collective responses.

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Film with Bernard Carr – Hyperspace, Consciousness, and Time

In this film, Galileo Commission adviser Bernard Carr shares his theoretical thinking about how consciousness and psychic phenomena can best be integrated into theoretical physics. He further describes the history of thinking regarding hyperspace as well as his own preferred models of consciousness. He also shares some insights into the nature of time and the "specious present" that we experience as human organisms.

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Returning from death – Interview with Pim van Lommel

In this interview for KOSMOS magazine, Galileo Commisison adviser Dr Pim van Lommel shares insights from his work on near-death experiences, the findings from his renowned 2001 Dutch study, and how these findings relate to consciousness and the brain. Finally, Pim reflects that after 30 years of investigation into near-death experiences, not only has his own perspective on life changed, but his views on science have evolved too

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Is the Universe Conscious? – Max Velmans

In this talk, given at a seminar on 7th July 2020, Galileo Commission adviser Max Velmans suggests a different way to understand the many ways in which humans and other sentient beings are natural expressions of a reflexive, self-observing universe and the many ways in which this universe might be conscious.

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Film with Bernard Carr – Consciousness and Cosmology

Bernard Carr explains how he has endeavored to maintain professional interests in psychical research, spirituality, physics, and cosmology. He notes that his own interest in the paranormal was stimulated by a series of out-of-body experiences. He suggests that a physical understanding of consciousness will most likely entail a theory incorporating higher dimensions of space. He also describes his work on the anthropic cosmological principle as well as primordial black holes.

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Film with Bernard Carr – Psychical Research and Parapsychology

Bernard Carr shares his passion for parapsychology and psychical research and describes several of his own experiments. He also reviews the history of these disciplines, from his unique perspective as a physicist and astronomer. The discussion touches on questions of post-mortem survival, reincarnation, telepathy, and UFOs. He shares his memories of the late Professor Ian Stevenson as well as his admiration for Sir Oliver Lodge.

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Robert & Suzanne Mays – Veridical Perceptions in NDEs

Investigation of apparently non-physical veridical perceptions (AVPs) during NDEs has been the subject of much experimental and phenomenological research since 1988. Many types of AVPs would require physical explanations that are highly questionable. However, with the weight of many types of AVPs, a strong case can be made for the idea that NDEs involve the actual separation of consciousness from the physical body and may lead to the correct conception of the mind relative to the physical body and to physical reality.

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Recognising the Matrix of Consciousness – Stephan Schwartz

From the perspective that all consciousness is interconnected, and interdependent, wellbeing is the most desirable social outcome. Simply put, the function of the state should be to foster wellbeing from the individual, to the family, the community, and the earth itself, and all the creatures on it, because as I said, it is more productive, more efficient, easier to implement, nicer to live under, and much cheaper.

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Countering degradation rituals in science – S. Thérèse & B. Martin

When the work and reputation of scientists suffer ritual degradation, a range of tactics can be deployed to resist and rework the psychological and social impacts. Five key resistance tactics to degradation in science are revealing degradation rituals, redeeming the reputation of the targeted scientist, reframing the degradation as unfair, redirecting attention to other domains, and refusing to cooperate with the rituals.

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