Nonlocal Consciousness Correlates Analysis: the ‘oREGano’ project – Vasileios Basios & Wolfhardt Janu

Our working group, historically the first one to emerge, came about as an informal gathering of friends from the GC who had similar interests on studying traces of consciousness’ states manifesting in organizational dynamics. It is about the study of trace-signals of “organizational closure” which is now being detected due to an innovation on standard random event generators (REGs).

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Completing the Spectrum – Nicholas Rosseinsky

This initiative adopts a tentative (non-dual) psychospiritual framework for Ground, Self, and Soul; for the arising of the illusion of separation; and for the emergence of our local Universe and material process, as a response to that arising. In this hypothetical context, humanity’s challenge is: how are we to relinquish participation in separation, individually and collectively?

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Six Days: Reason as a Cosmic Phenomenon – Alexei Tsvelik

The book gives a popular description of the cosmogenesis as viewed by the modern science, but with a teleological twist putting homo sapiens into a cosmic perspective. The appearance of human species is considered as a final step in a long succession of events from the Big Bang to present times. Starting from a structureless state of the newborn Universe the cosmogenesis then goes through the succession of aeons (“days”) characterized by increased complexity of the emergent structures culminating in the appearance of the most complex physical objects presently known—human brains. Each “day” prepares a ground for the next breakthrough in complexity. It is demonstrated that appearance of ever more complex structures cannot be taken for granted, but is highly conditional on a very special structure of the laws of physics.

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Neuroscience of Spirituality – Lisa Miller

Learn from Dr. Lisa Miller on the new science of spirituality and our quest for an inspired life. A captivating look at what happens to our brains when we’re connected to something greater than ourselves — and what it does for our lives. What makes life worth living? Dr. Miller explains we each have a neuro-seat of transcendence that hardwires us to toggle between two realities: 1. awakened awareness and 2. achieving awareness.

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Dual Aspect Monism in Spinoza, James and Russell – Gerald R. Baron

Summarizing these more historic views, we can conclude that from Parmenides through Spinoza, Ernst Mach and William James through to Bertrand Russell that mind-matter questions burned brightly. The human intuition that mind is not matter and matter is not mind is given credence by their thoughts and ideas. But the “easy” solution of simply separating them into two essentially unconnected substances as Descartes preferred did not rest easily with those who came after the French philosopher. Like the mystics, they sought and believed they found a fundamental unity underlying everything including mind and matter. A one world, so to speak, a unus mundus. And to that idea we turn next.

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Bernard Carr – Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview

Bernard Carr is Emeritus Professor of Mathematics and Astronomy at Queen Mary University of London. His professional area of research is cosmology and astrophysics and includes such topics as the early universe, black holes, dark matter, and the anthropic principle. He is the author of around 300 papers and the books Universe or Multiverse? and Quantum Black Holes. He is also very interested in the role of consciousness as a fundamental rather than incidental feature of the Universe. In particular, he is developing a new psychophysical paradigm linking matter and mind which accommodates normal, paranormal, and mystical experiences. He also has a long-standing interest in the relationship between science and religion, especially Buddhism, having been the coholder of a grant from the Templeton Foundation for a project entitled “Fundamental Physics, Cosmology and the Problem of our Existence". He is President of The Scientific and Medical Network and a former President of the Society for Psychical Research.

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Max Velmans on “Only Connect. A Personal Journey into Consciousness”

This talk, given at Totnes Consciousness Cafe on 1st July, 2022, describes some of the major transitions in Max Velmans' own journey into a deeper understanding of consciousness. This included potent extraordinary experiences as well as ordinary experiences along with an in-depth scientific and philosophical study of consciousness for over 50 years. From this he developed Reflexive Monism, an integrative Western understanding of human consciousness as being one manifestation of a conscious, self-observing universe -- an understanding that converges closely with the non-dual Integral Vedanta of Ramakrishna, Vivekananda, and Aurobindo. In this talk he describes one early formative mystical experience along with some of the major intellectual steps that guided his way.

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The Folly of Scientism – Austin L. Hughes

Of all the fads and foibles in the long history of human credulity, scientism in all its varied guises — from fanciful cosmology to evolutionary epistemology and ethics — seems among the more dangerous, both because it pretends to be something very different from what it really is and because it has been accorded widespread and uncritical adherence. Continued insistence on the universal competence of science will serve only to undermine the credibility of science as a whole. The ultimate outcome will be an increase of radical skepticism that questions the ability of science to address even the questions legitimately within its sphere of competence. One longs for a new Enlightenment to puncture the pretensions of this latest superstition.

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