Can Thoughts Exist Outside the Brain? – Joshua Moritz

In a very real sense, then, my mind is not my own, but rather it is a product of the various contexts that I choose to inhabit and the things I choose to think upon. As Paul reflected many centuries ago, if I resolve to think upon whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable, and excellent, then that is what my mind becomes.

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Dr Alan Rayner Webinar – Natural inclusion

We will have hope of release from the iniquities, paradoxes, inconsistencies, and falsities of objective rationalisation only when we recognise the receptive influence of omnipresent space and the responsive flow of energetic information around every body. Only then will a truly compassionate, creative, and regenerative way of life become possible.

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Featuring Lorna Green – #2: My Reasons for Hope

Putin is making the mistake of his life.  He has absolutely nothing to gain from this invasion of the Ukraine.  If he his desire is to annex Ukraine back into the Russian Empire, it hardly helps him to destroy the entire physical structure of the country with guns and bombs, and to murder the population.  He needs to get beyond any desire to return the Soviet Union to what it once was, but to consider instead a new role for himself as the key player in renouncing war, to become a valuable and honored member of the modern world’s economy.

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Quantum physics in neuroscience and psychology – Schwartz, Stapp, and Beauregard

Contemporary physical theory brings directly and irreducibly into the overall causal structure certain psychologically described choices made by human agents about how they will act. This key development in basic physical theory is applicable to neuroscience, and it provides neuroscientists and psychologists with an alternative conceptual framework for describing neural processes. Indeed, owing to certain structural features of ion channels critical to synaptic function, contemporary physical theory must in principle be used when analysing human brain dynamics.

Choosing Earth – Duane and Coleen Elgin

Duane Elgin’s book, Choosing Earth projects a half-century into the future to explore our world in a time of unprecedented transition. Duane offers a whole-systems view of the converging adversity trends facing humanity and three major scenarios for the future that are most likely to emerge from these powerful trends.

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Simon Duan: Platonic Computer – The Universal Machine from Which Abstract Entities Are Generated

The infinite potentiality of metaconsciousness is expressed as specific actualities via Platonic computation. This means that an abstract entity is the conscious state of being a specific actuality and is the processing output of the Platonic computer. As such, the physical computer made of silicon is but a shadow or poor imitation of the Platonic computer. Nevertheless, by programing the physical computer it is possible to simulate the generation of abstract entities as the processing output of the Platonic computer.

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Twelve Ideas that Might Expand the Scope of Science – Mukhopadhyay, AK

Science progresses slowly by Apollonian, who extends its boundary by bringing perfection on the established lines. Science often takes an intuitive leap by Dionysian, who opens an unexpected new line of research. The present paper presents twelve mixes of such ideas which together are capable of extending the scope of science. An analyst could find several ideas within one main idea; assumption, imagination, intuition or obvious reality, not one, however, on any beaten track. Each of the main idea is supported by a figure, the mind’s artwork, captioned with several new ideas. Most of the ideas have a bias towards operational consciousness. The erected framework has the potential of ushering in a new Multiversal Worldview accommodating science, humanities, and spirit together.

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David Lorimer – Guest on Chasing Consciousness

In this episode we’re going to be examining the assumptions of Western Science. All science is based on assumptions. In order to isolate systems in experiments and standardise measurements of the target data, other variables need to be pinned down so scientists can form precise mathematical models, that can then be repeated accurately in the peer review process. Today we’re going to look at these assumptions, and establish if they indeed have become standard, fixed and unquestioned as some critics claim.

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Science of Divinity: Part IV – Mudhopadhyay, AK

Divinity is the objective reality of the Divine. It could be observed in nature, in deep ecology, in cosmology beyond ZPE, and in depth psychology. The Divine could be personified in human behavior when the organ brain achieves the desired level of perfection. A science of divinity and the Divine is possible to develop taking science (world), humanity (you, me, and they), and the spirit (consciousness) together. One beneficial spin off of this approach in worldly science is the development of an algorithm starting in consciousness and ending in space, time, and energy, describing how “will” is translated into an event.

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Imaginal Inspirations with Diane Hennacy Powell

David Lorimer's Guest today is Dr Diane Hennacy Powell, who is a Johns Hopkins-trained neuropsychiatrist and neuroscientist, former Harvard faculty member, and an award-winning author and clinician. She began studying autism in 1987, when she spent six months with Sir Michael Rutter at the Institute for Psychiatry in London. She has served as a member of a think tank on the evolution of human consciousness at the Salk Institute, and as the Director of Research for the John E. Mack Institute. Her experimental research focuses on investigating reports of telepathy in autistic children and has been presented at international science conferences in the US and abroad. She is a polymath whose theoretical work bridges multiple scientific disciplines in its analysis of case studies in neuropsychiatry that challenge materialism’s neuro-centric model. Her 2008 book, The ESP Enigma: A Scientific Case for Psychic Phenomena, presents a rational argument for a new paradigm, which is elaborated upon further in her chapter entitled Beyond Materialism and Madness in the first volume published by the Academy for the Advancement of Postmaterialist Sciences: Is Consciousness Primary?

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The Case Against Vaccine Passports and Mandates – Oliver Robinson

In summary, arguments at all four levels analysed here point in the same direction: vaccine passports and mandates must be dropped immediately by any country or state that has adopted them. Vaccines have protected the elderly and vulnerable from COVID-19 since being rolled out, but that does not by any means equate to becoming a requirement for participation in society and the economy. Liberal democracies must trust the foundational principles of informed consent, bodily autonomy and equality of opportunity. We must respect those who draw different conclusions from what remains an inconclusive situation in relation to vaccine side-effects and benefits. The story is still unfolding.

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Axiology of Nature-Consciousness Reality – Mukhopadhyay, AK

Perception cannot change the fundamentals. The fundamentals of the reality across the nature-consciousness spectrum have been described without any filter, and use of any methodological reduction orchestrated or otherwise. Consciousness-as-such, consciousness-as-experienced, and consciousness-as-articulated have been laid bare to accommodate respectively the spirit, humanities, and science. The Multiversity-inspired proposed Worldview takes care of multiple universe(s), our universe, and the four-dimensional world respectively in terms of nondual reality, biological reality and material reality, and in the process constructs an unbroken wholeness of the Akhanda reality. The relevance of the Worldview in consciousness study and the impacts on psychology and psychiatry has been discussed.

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