The European Transpersonal Association (EUROTAS) developed from a group of practitioners of health and healing and researchers in sciences and spirituality. It

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Alef Trust

Alef Trust is a not-for-profit community-interest organization offering online transformational Graduate Programmes and Open Learning Courses for academic, professional and personal development.

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Iain McGilchrist – Rediscovering Wisdom in a World Gone Mad

In this conversation, Iain and Helena employ a big-picture lens to critique artificial intelligence, corporate globalization, and the profit-orientation of science and academia. They ask some hard questions about how things might change – through collapse, through movement-building, through grassroots action, or through a combination of these? And they also articulate insights into who we are as human beings, what constitutes genuine intelligence, and what a fulfilling life really entails.

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11-month Online Programme from Alef Trust: Nurturing the Fields of Change

Are you interested in the evolving principles and practices of holistic change facilitation? Do you value the exploration of inner psycho-spiritual development in service of systemic and social change? Alef Trust is launching an 11-month online programme and emerging community of practice for anyone who is interested in creating a more just, equitable and sustainable world. The programme - Nurturing the Fields of Change - aims to support change-makers to catalyse change through the power of community and co-learning.

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Marjorie Woollacott and Ben Williams – Lessons from the Nondual Philosophy of Shaivism and Neuroscience

In this webinar Drs. Ben Williams and Marjorie Woollacott explore parallels between theories about the origins of cognitive processes that filter out a broader perceptual awareness in both modern neuroscience and in a medieval Sanskrit text on non-dual philosophy, the Īśvarapratyabhijñākārikā (‘Stanzas on the Recognition of Śiva’).

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