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David Lorimer introduces the Galileo Commission Report


The world today is dominated by science and by its underlying assumptions, which are seldom explicitly articulated. The Galileo Commission’s remit is to open public discourse and to find ways to expand science so that it can accommodate and explore important human experiences and questions that science, in its present form, is unable to integrate.

Following widespread consultation with 90 advisers representing 30 universities worldwide, we have published the Galileo Commission Report, written by Prof  Dr Harald Walach and entitled Beyond a Materialist Worldview – Towards an Expanded Science.  The report has been widely endorsed as a groundbreaking document and we encourage you to read it for yourself and spread the word among your professional network.  Summaries  of the argument are available in a number of languages.

Galileo Report

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Spiritual Awakenings – Marjorie Wollacott & David Lorimer (Eds)

Scholars share the experience of their own spiritual awakening and journey, including encountering challenges to their credibility in academia, if they shared these experiences. Their comments about transformation in values, beliefs, and approaches toward life are very moving, expressing a deep inner wisdom and connection, not only with humanity, but with the earth and cosmos.

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Advice to my Younger Self

Some of Galileo Commission advisers were asked to consider any advice they might give to their younger selves, knowing what they know now. These are their answers… born of wisdom, shared with love.

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Neuroscience of Spirituality – Lisa Miller

Learn from Dr. Lisa Miller on the new science of spirituality and our quest for an inspired life. A captivating look at what happens to our brains when we’re connected to something greater than ourselves — and what it does for our lives. What makes life worth living? Dr. Miller explains we each have a neuro-seat of transcendence that hardwires us to toggle between two realities: 1. awakened awareness and 2. achieving awareness.

August 20th, 2022|Categories: Lisa Miller, News|

Dual Aspect Monism in Spinoza, James and Russell – Gerald R. Baron

Summarizing these more historic views, we can conclude that from Parmenides through Spinoza, Ernst Mach and William James through to Bertrand Russell that mind-matter questions burned brightly. The human intuition that mind is not matter and matter is not mind is given credence by their thoughts and ideas. But the “easy” solution of simply separating them into two essentially unconnected substances as Descartes preferred did not rest easily with those who came after the French philosopher. Like the mystics, they sought and believed they found a fundamental unity underlying everything including mind and matter. A one world, so to speak, a unus mundus. And to that idea we turn next.

August 13th, 2022|Categories: News|

Bernard Carr – Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview

Bernard Carr is Emeritus Professor of Mathematics and Astronomy at Queen Mary University of London. His professional area of research is cosmology and astrophysics and includes such topics as the early universe, black holes, dark matter, and the anthropic principle. He is the author of around 300 papers and the books Universe or Multiverse? and Quantum Black Holes. He is also very interested in the role of consciousness as a fundamental rather than incidental feature of the Universe. In particular, he is developing a new psychophysical paradigm linking matter and mind which accommodates normal, paranormal, and mystical experiences. He also has a long-standing interest in the relationship between science and religion, especially Buddhism, having been the coholder of a grant from the Templeton Foundation for a project entitled “Fundamental Physics, Cosmology and the Problem of our Existence". He is President of The Scientific and Medical Network and a former President of the Society for Psychical Research.

August 10th, 2022|Categories: Bernard Carr, News|

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