Charlie Fox is an experimental psychologist. Unlike many here who seem to have a distinct event that shifted consciousness, my shift came about as a gradual evolution. My education and career led me through laboratories and clinics in vision science, complex neural systems, sensory integration, and rehabilitation sciences. A constant across these has been my developing a better understanding of the mechanisms underlying the human mind as well as the limits of these mechanisms. Along the way I have also considered the empirical and experiential data that materialistic science cannot explain. For the last decade I have been trying to create a conceptual framework for a modern psychology that will allow all of this to come together. Some characteristics of such a psychology were described by physicist Wolfgang Pauli who wrote to psychologist Carl Jung “”More and more I see the key to the whole spiritual situation of our time in the psycho-physical problem.”

about the working group

The intention of this initiative is to explore a new approach to the psychology of mind/consciousness. My working title for this is “The Re-enchantment of Humankind.” Note that I think human consciousness is an exemplar of a larger phenomenon rather than a unique human property. In the 17th century, Galileo banished soul/mind from natural science. In the mid 1800s, psychology was created with Gustav Fechner’s psychophysics bringing mind/soul back into science. Over the decades, psychology has abandoned soul in favor of mind, and mind in favor of behavior. Still, psychologists such as Carl Jung have postulated that the human psyche is an fundamental part of nature. Relatedly, physicist Wolfgang Pauli has suggested that physics may be incomplete without an integration of physics and psychology. At this point in history, theoretical physics, cognitive science, and psychology are demonstrating a collation and integration of evidence that may provide a fruitful ground for this new psychology to grow.