Galileo Commission list of advisers

sorted alphabetically by last name


Prof Dr Harald Walach (Germany)David Lorimer (France), Chair, Programme Director SMN

Richard Irwin (UK), Director SMN


Dr Bo Ahrenfelt (Sweden), psychiatrist, author

Dr Eben Alexander III (US), neurosurgeon and author

Prof Chris Bache (US), philosopher, Youngstown State University

Dr Anne Baring (UK), Jungian analyst and author

Dr Daniel Benor (US), physician, doctor-healer network

Prof Imants Baruss (Canada), psychologist, King’s University College

Dr Vasileios Basios (Belgium), physicist, Free University of Brussels

Dr Mario Beauregard, (US) neuroscientist, University of Arizona

Prof Carl Becker (Japan), social scientist, Kyoto University

Dr Laurin Bellg (US), ICU physician

Prof Roland Benedikter (Italy), sociologist, Centre of Advanced Studies, Eurac Research

Dr Edi Bilimoria (UK), consultant engineer and author

Dr Arie Bos (Netherlands), physician and philosopher of science, University of Utrecht

Emilios Bouratinos (Greece), philosopher, author of “Science, Objectivity and Consciousness”

Prof Stephen Braude (US), philosopher, University of Maryland

Prof Etzel Cardeña, (Sweden), psychologist, University of Lund

Prof Bernard Carr (UK), physicist and cosmologist, Queen Mary College, University of London

Dr Deepak Chopra, (US), physician, author

Prof. John Clarke (UK), historian of ideas, Kingston University

Dr Apela Colorado (Canada), systems and indigenous scientist

Dr Ulisse Di Corpo (), psychologist

Dr Jude Currivan (UK), cosmologist, healer and author

Prof Christian de Quincey (US), philosopher, The Wisdom Academy, formerly JFK University

Dr Larry Dossey (US), physician, Executive Editor:  Explore:  The Journal of    Science and Healing

Brenda Dunne (US), PEAR Lab, Princeton

Duane Elgin (US), writer and futurist

Federico Faggin (US and Italy) physicist, President of Federico and Elvia Faggin Foundation

Dr Andrew Fellows (UK and Switzerland), Jungian analyst and deep ecologist

Dr Peter Fenwick (UK), neuropsychiatrist, University of London

Prof Jorge Ferrer (US), psychologist, California Institute for Integral Studies

Dr Paul Filmore (UK), physicist, University of Plymouth

Dr David Greenwood (UK), engineer and theologian, Alister Hardy Trust

Prof Bruce Greyson, (US), neuropsychiatrist, University of Virginia

Dr Stan Grof (US), psychiatrist, California Institute for Integral Studies

Dr Neal Grossman (US), philosopher, University of Illinois

Prof Michael Grosso (US), philosopher, Jersey College, New York

Nicholas Hagger (UK), philosopher, mystic and cultural historian

Prof Stuart Hameroff (US), neuroscientist, University of Arizona

John Hands (UK), philosopher of science and author of Cosmo Sapiens

Dr Stephan Harding (UK), biologist, Schumacher College

Prof Janice Holden (US), chair of counselling programme, University of North Texas

Dr John Holman (UK), philosopher

Prof Brian Josephson FRS (UK), physicist, Nobel laureate, University of Cambridge

Dr Madayo Kahle (Spain), philologist, Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Dr Bernardo Kastrup (Netherlands), philosopher

Prof Ed Kelly (US), cognitive neuroscientist, University of Virginia

Dr Emily Williams Kelly, (US) cognitive neuroscientist, University of Virginia

Paul Kieniewicz (Poland), physicist and geologist

Professor Jeffrey J. Kripal (US), philosopher of religion, Rice University

Prof Stanley Krippner (US), psychologist, Saybrook Institute

Dr Ervin Laszlo (Italy), systems theorist and President of the Club of Budapest

Prof Les Lancaster (UK), psychologist, Liverpool John Moores University

Prof Martin Lockley (US), palaeontologist, University of Denver

Dr Paul Marshall (UK), philosopher, co-editor of ‘Beyond Physicalism’

Nicholas Maxwell (UK), philosopher of science, University College London

Dr Iain McGilchrist (UK), neuropsychiatrist and philosopher

Dr Lisa Miller (US), psychologist, University of Columbia

Prof Marilyn Monk (US), biologist, University College London

Dr Raymond Moody (US), physician, philosopher, author

Dr Julia Mossbridge (US), cognitive neuroscientist and futurist, Fellow, Institute of Noetic Sciences

Prof AK Mukhopadhyay (India), physician and consciousness researcher, All India Institute of Medical Sciences

Dr Jeremy Naydler (UK), philosopher and historian of ideas

Dr Roger Nelson (US), psychologist, Global Consciousness Project

Prof Kim Penberthy (US), cognitive neuroscientist, University of Virginia

Dr Andrew Powell (UK), psychiatrist, Founding Chair of Royal College of Psychiatrists Special Interest Group

Prof John Poynton (South Africa), zoologist, University of Natal

Prof Dean Radin, (US), parapsychologist, Institute of Noetic Sciences

Prof K. Ramakrishna Rao (India), psychologist, philosopher and parapsychologist Chair, Indian Council for Philosophical Research and former Vice-Chancellor of Andhra University

Prof Ravi Ravindra (Canada), physicist, University of Halifax

Dr Alan Rayner (UK), biologist, University of Bath

Prof Peter Reason (UK), social scientist, University of Bath

Dr John Reed (US), physician, editor, World Institute of Scientific Exploration Journal

Prof Kenneth Ring (US), psychologist, University of Connecticut

Dr Oliver Robinson, (UK), psychologist, University of Greenwich

Prof Chris Roe (UK), psychologist, University of Northampton

Peter Russell (US), physicist, author

Dr Shantena Sabbadini (Spain), physicist, Pari Center and Schumacher College

Dr Marilyn Schlitz (US), anthropologist, parapsychologist, Institute of Noetic Sciences

Dr Gary Schwartz (US), neuropsychiatrist, University of Arizona

Stephan Schwartz (US), scientist, futurist, historian

Dr Rupert Sheldrake (UK), biologist, University of Cambridge

Julie Soskin (France), spiritual director and facilitator of consciousness studies

Dr. Bobbie Stevens (US) psychologist, author, coach, co-founder and CEO Unlimited Futures LLC

Prof Richard Tarnas (US), philosopher, California Institute for Integral Studies

Prof Charles Tart (US), psychologist, parapsychologist, UC Davis

Dr Steve Taylor (UK), psychologist, Leeds Beckett University, author

Hardin Tibbs (UK), futurist

Dr Natalie Tobert (UK), medical anthropologist

Dr Pim van Lommel (Netherlands), cardiologist

Prof Max Velmans (UK), psychologist, Goldsmiths, University of London

Dr Cassandra Vieten (US), psychologist, Institute of Noetic Sciences

Dr Alan Wallace (US), physicist and Tibetan monk, Santa Barbara Institute

Dr Joan Walton (UK), consciousness researcher, York St John University

Prof Marjorie Hines Woollacott, (US), neuroscientist, University of Oregon

Dr Michael Wride (Ireland), biologist, Trinity College, Dublin